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Friday, April 11, 2014

Rain Barrels and an Oso Mudslide Update

Hi guys!

How's it going???  Good I hope!  All is well here.

I got my acceptance into Sorticulture and I started building.  EEK!  I only have 8 weeks to go and it's go time... so,,, I'm one of those who had XP on my ancient nearly perfect pc... now thanks to Micro-what's-thereface,,, I have to get a new computer.  The turkeys!!!  As soon as I figure out how to use 2 computers to get one picture on here ,,, I'll show you the 2 whole projects I've made so far!  :)  SOON!

So, between then and now, I'll do my best to put stuff on here by way of a laptop.  The problem?  This laptop has no real software on it compared to my 13 year old dinosaur.  I loved that puppy! 

Oso Mudslide update.  As of tonight there were 36 bodies found and all 36 have been identified.  Only 7 are missing.  That is so AMAZING!  If you looked out your back door and saw acres and acres of mud up to 30 feet deep and you had to find someone ... how could you do that?  Well, they've used numerous ways and have done an outstanding job.  I'm so proud of all of you who have helped!  Thank you so much!!!!

NOW!  Do you remember the rain barrel I made for the City of Everett's call for artists???  Well, mine and others are on eBay right now up for bid.  No, they won't ship.  Sorry!  I thought you might want to check out what myself and many others have done.  Mine is up on the 20th of April.  There will be more put on at a later date.  Click on this sentence to get to the auctions.  Once you get to this page, click on the seller and you'll see every thing they have up for auction right now.  You can follow if you want.

OKAY!  I'll be back soon,, hopefully with pictures!  Shelley

Monday, March 31, 2014

An Alley Find and the Oso Mud Slide

Hi guys!

WOW!  The past couple weeks have been crazy and ugly around here!

First, bull riding!  Yee Haw!!!  I had a ball.  I spent a Saturday and Sunday at the Tacoma Dome watching the P.B.R. (Professional Bull Riders) ride them bulls.  O.M.G.  I have to tell ya.  The adrenaline in the dome was high.  It's like a loud rock concert with guys riding these monster sized animals and I'm honestly not sure who's flying higher in the air.  The bull or the rider.  The bulls are amazing athletes.... yep!  So are the riders.  It was a hoot.

Then my son, his wife and their 3 kids came to town a couple days later and stayed for a week.  YAY!  They live in Minnesota,,, oh so stinkin' far away.  It was so fun.  They have a little one that's not quite a year old.  It's been a long time since I've been around a tiny one.  SCHWEET!!!

Then the weekend they were here the Oso mud slide happened.  SO, SO SAD!!!   My father lives another 40 to 50 minutes up the mountain from there.  We had a family get together on Sunday.  We were going to have it that Saturday, but, it was too tough to get every one together that day.  If we would have,,,, well, dad would have been going over that exact stretch of road around that time.  It could have been even uglier than it is, for us! 

I've been up there 2 times now delivering food.  It's the only thing I could think of to do, physically.  I sent the gas money, I bought the t-shirt,,, but, it just doesn't feel like enough!  They have so much food and support it is truly amazing!!!  Thanks every one for all your help, support and prayers.  Several people have asked what they can do.  I honestly don't know.  Just follow your heart and do what you believe is right for you.  If it's cash, then find a place to send it.  If it's food, cook it, deliver it.  If it's a prayer say it and an extra one!  If there's some thing you would like to do and you aren't sure where or how to find out how ,,, click on this sentence to find a few things, just  follow this link.  THANKS!!!  Every single thing is appreciated!  The clean up is going to take a very, very long back breaking amount of work and time.

When I drove up to the fire station I got the sense that there was complete controlled chaos.  What I found was volunteers from the field walking around with food and sad faces.  Exhaustion.  What a great group.  Both times were like that.  They were grateful for the food and a place to unwind.  I can't thank these people enough.  If you've heard the news that they are up to their chests in mud,,, they aren't kidding!  It's so sad and ugly.  Keep your fingers promised the river behaves until more  or all of this mess is cleaned up!

Well,,,, thanks for listening,,, I needed that!

Look what I found!

I love these!!!

They make a great storage place where goodies can be seen!
YEP!  Beer caps!  What else???  LOL!!!

By the way, if you are looking for wonderful REAL meat, a real butcher shop, try Silvana Meats (click for a link).  After my first trip up to Oso I swung through there.  They have outrageous ham hocks.  I thought it would be fun to buy one or two and make a big pot of navy bean soup for the volunteers.  I was never so happy to find they gave me 4 and some bacon (breakfast burritos next).   They were awesome.  Some how, probably my adrenaline rush (that's still here) from just leaving Oso for the first time, we started talking about how I needed the hocks cut in half.  My soup pot is big, but their hocks are giant and oh so good!!!  Well, they realized where the soup was going and I went from buying 2 to be given 4!  I used 2 so far in a monstrous sized pot of soup.  I've never made one that large before.  AND!  Oh was it good.  THANKS GUYS!!!!

If you live on the east side of the slide and shop at Silvana Meats you can go on line or call and place an order.  Pay for it and tell them who will pick it up.  Get several people to do this and have one pick it up.  They are ready to help!!!  Great people!!!

Well folks, it's been a crazy past few weeks.  One great thing that happened was,,,, I WAS ACCEPTED TO SORTICULTURE!!!!  YAY!!!!  Now, once I get it together we'll see some garden art posted here.  Soon ,,,, I HOPE!!!

Have a good one!  Shell

Friday, March 14, 2014

Joy's Last Alley Find - R.I.P. Momma!

Hi guys!

It's been a while.  Well, times were gettin' tough for my best friend.  Joy was nearly 14 years old and times were just gettin' tougher and tougher for her. 

During Christmas she was getting slower and slower and it seemed like she couldn't get comfortable laying down every once in a while.  Well, last week she couldn't get comfortable at all.  She jumped like a puppy for our morning walk, then came home to cry every time she tried to move.  R.I.P. my best bud!  You won't hurt anymore!  I love you and your kitties do too!!!

We tripped over this all the way home.  It was  a
little too big to haul under my arm..

I'm going to take the seat off and make a
moving table for your garden patio.

This should be fun!

Thank you for all your help and company!

Love ya momma!!!

Shelley, Macs and Juliet!!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Some Fun Alley Finds

Hi guys!

Lately Joy and I have been striking out when it comes to finding goodies in our alleys.  DARN!  SO!  We've been watching the Olympics.  Great job kids.  They've done very well!!!  Keep up the good work.  I was hoping for the men's hockey team just this morning, but, no luck.  DANG!!!  Tomorrow they play for the bronze.  There's nothing wrong with bronze.  Go get 'em boys!!!

So,,, here's a couple goodies we found lately.

It's nice to find a license plate that is NOT from Washington!

Fun jewelry parts!

Not too bad.  Not great,,, but, we'll keep looking!

thanks!  Shell

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Etsy and Snow!!!


YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    It's snowing!!! 

What???  Around here we don't get much and when we do, it's usually wet, sloppy and gone in a very short time.  Momma's excited.  She's like all dogs,,, she's all but rolling around in it!  We're just hoping it's still  here when we're ready for our walk in the morning!!!

So???  What's new with you????   HUH?  What have you been up to lately???

I've been cleaning out my studio.  OK!  The bottom floor of my house.  OH!  They are both the same thing.  STUFF HAS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've pulled out of We Do Art and I won't be in any shows until June (hopefully!) ,,, so, there's too much crap around here.  Good crap that is.  SO!  I'm putting it on Etsy as I go!

Here's a few goodies that's I've put on there today!!!!

Don't you think this would make a great
steampunk necklace?
See the skulls???

Those gorgeous blue bottles.
Plans to make this.

Brass tags at a great price.
2 different listings.

Eastman Kodak canisters.

PARTS!  You know I love my parts!!!

EXCELLENT disks!!!!

Pay phone touch call pads.
2 different sets.

o. m. g.  Yep!  The whole set!!!

I hope to put more on soon.  I just threw out 2 full boxes of old papers from books that were 1 to 110 years old.  Time to keep getting it gone!!!  :)

I'm pretty sure I've talked myself into doing Sorticulture this year and next.  Then (hopefully) Hempfest this year... then!  Call it quits.  It's time to go see the rest of the world.  Let's just hope I can wrap my head around this and get some top notch work out this next 1 1/2 years.  It's time.

thanks!  Shell

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Rain Barrel Art Project DONE!


That was such a wonderful surprise,,, okay, not that they won,,, well,  maybe a little because they won, but mostly ,,,, it was the blowout!   WOW!!!!


The rain barrel is done and the City of Everett now owns it.  YAY!

I went back to my work and redid it over and over until I couldn't figure out what else to do with it.  If you'd like to see the first pictures click here .....

When you see it in "person", it looks great.  In these pictures, not so great.   The whole idea is to cover that big blue barrel.  So, let's check it out.

Finished piece.

The recycled air conditioner piece makes
a great water spout.

Here you can see her eye and mouth better.

Fishies!  You can see more of the blue
behind the metal now. 

Sand dollars.

Here you can see more of the blue in the
background.  I like this a lot better
than my first try.

I cut out around the overflow spout.

I cut out around the hole where the
tap for the hose will go.

The back of the whale.

The heart in her tail.

Door hardware and an old square head nail
close the sides together very nicely.

I used the plasma cutter for a quick hole,
then mounted the hardware from
the inside with rivets.

That small rectangle is 2 magnets stuck together
from an old Sonicare toothbrush head. 
It closes the top flap over the over flow spout.


Here you can see the air conditioner piece.

The only new parts to this piece are the crystals and the wire that hold them in place.  And that's a good thing!  :)

OKAY!  So, one down for this year.  MAN!  I'm really slow this year.  I've decided to take a break this year.  I am putting my application in for Sorticulture and Hempfest, nothing else this year.  I hope to get in.  I'll let you know when I find out!!!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend and that your weather is being good to you.  The news sounded dismal at best all week.  Sorry!


Monday, January 27, 2014

Rain Barrel Art Project WIP Part 1

Hi guys!

Okay!  So, a while back a friend of mine dropped me a note and said,,, hey!  Check out this call for artists, it's right down your "alley". 

CUTE!  :)'

So!  I did.  I put in my application and hoped.  THEN!  I got accepted.  I am one of quite a few artists who are being asked to "decorate" around 35 rain barrels.  The city of Everett is going to pay artists to make these into fun pieces of garden art.  Then they will put these around the city in different places and let people see and check them out.  Some where in here, they will be teaching people the hows and whys of using rain barrels to collect and use rain water.  Then in the end they will sell them to the public for their yards.   SCHWEET!  Every one wins!!!

So, here's my first try at making mine,,, believe me when I say,,, there is a part 2!!!!

This is the rain barrel I picked up. 
The spout on the side is for the overflow
when the barrel is too full.

Joy is helping me.  The hole in the bottom
will receive a faucet that you can add a hose too.

The screen keeps the mosquitoes out. 

My idea for this art project is to build a "fence" around it.  I wouldn't want all that blue showing in my garden.  It's just TOO BLUE!!!  Now, if it was cobalt blue ,,, well, that would be a whole different thing!
So, I pulled out my fencing material.  YEP! 
The metal roofing.

I found a few tools to get me started.

I suck when it comes to measuring.  That's why I make the type of art I do.  I tried all the pretty, perfectly cut and put together work.  HA!  I found it easier just to go with the flow and make what I want and HOPE it works out in the end.
After I cut 2 long pieces of roofing into 2 pieces each.  I riveted 3 of them together to make one long piece.  I stood them up next to the barrel and knew they were "close" to fitting all the way around.  I was thinking I'd need one more piece.  MAN!  Did I get lucky.  They fit perfectly around the barrel and the over lap was perfect too.  You'll see in the end.
Once I knew they would fit, I laid them out in my back yard and got out the plasma cutter.  O.M.G. do I love my plasma cutter.  It cost a small fortune.  BUT!  An art piece like this will help pay a nice chunk of that cost.  When I'm done with part two of this, I'll tell you how much actual money I spent on this.
I drew my picture on the inside of this fence with chalk and went to work cutting it out.  I didn't make my cuts too wide because once you cut some thing off, you can't put it back.  WELL!  I can too, it just might not look at that great!
Here's what it looked like when I was done.
It's very hard to see with this photo.  Easier to see
at home, but the cuts are too thin.  I need more
of the blue to show.

I live about 2.5 miles from Puget Sound,
Port Gardner Bay.  To me this is all about
the bay I made for the critters to live in
in your back yard.

There are some starfish, sand dollars (okay, they are
in the ocean 4 hours away), fish and a whale
(she's supposed to be the gray whale that swam under
the row boat my mom was fishing in when I was a kid
right here in the bay).

Her tail and some waves.  I have a thing
about hearts,,, what can I say!

My whale smiled when she went under moms boat!

Here the 2 sides meet.  I used magnets to hold them
together.  Trust me!  The magnets will hold fine. 
3 of them cost me $73!!!  OUCH!!!  Should I tell
you now???  I'm taking them back!!! 

See how the 2 sides met up perfectly?  Oh, did I
get lucky here!!!  The magnet is small and was
a temporary way to hold this together so I
could look this whole thing over.

I have to tell you ....  I'm not happy with this at all!!!  NOPE!!!

So, the next day I went out and cut the pattern out bigger.  You see more space, more blue.  After all, the blue is the water in my little bay by your garage(???).

I need to cut out more critters too.  I see large holes.  OKAY!  Places where nothing is cut out.  Plus, I need to find a better way to connect the 2 sides.  I've had this plan in my head on what to do, but when I found that magnets held it together pretty good I thought it would work.  I bought 3 1"  magnets with 12 pound pull.  The ones on your fridge probably have 1/2 pound pull.  In other wards, it only takes 1/2 pound of pressure to pull them off the metal.  When I went to buy the bigger magnets I put all 3 of them on top of each other and went to leave.  Did you guess what happened???  I COULDN'T pull them off each other.  It took 2 of us a long time to get them apart.  OOPS!

So, I'll be back very soon to show you how this worked out and show you how I connected the 2 sides.  It's much, much better and funkier!!!

Thanks so much!!!!   Shell