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Friday, May 22, 2015

Survey(or) Says: TILT Goes the Birdhouse

Howdy!  Survey says:  Okay,,, so I started with a tripod from quite a while back.  I'm not sure how old this is.  BUT!  It's pretty old and it's funky!  Instead of the top part being flat so you could put your equipment on it ,,, it's tilted.  SCHWEET!  Just what this artist ordered.  WHY??? 

LOOK .....

This birdhouse is mounted on
a surveyors? tripod.

This is what the house would look like on it's side.

OR standing up like I normally mount them.

This is holding the knot in the wood.  :)

This is what the top of the tripod looks like. 
Check out that angle.

This is the back.

The top (which is actually the side) has a couple
shakes on it from a neighbors garage they tore down.

This would normally be the top of the birdhouse.

The front of the top.

While I was out there 2 young osprey came by and
played right over the top of me.  They were rolling
around each other and talking like crazy!  FUN!!!

And my newest pair of birds have their babies in the
bottom hole (follow the arrow) of this house I built
some 10 years ago.  They are only 2 1/2 to 3 feet
off the ground there!!!
I do LOVE birdhouses.  I get pretty lucky getting birds in them.  I really believe it comes down to how high they are off the ground.  This is right next to where I park my truck.  They don't even look at me.

I have 2 more tripods to try.  All 3 are different.  Plus ... OH!  I just picked up a new goody!  If all goes well ... cross your fingers, PLEASE ... I'll show it to you real soon!!!

Yep!  This will be at Sorticulture.  The show starts 3 weeks from today ... EEEKKK!  HA!  It's more like crap ... get it in gear!  LOL!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

VW for the Garden??? WIP

Why of course!  Why not???  I mean come on!  I love strange, fun things in the garden.  I love making them even more than having them.  SO ,,, this will be at Sorticulture.

Here's the beginning  ....

OH I do LOVE great crap!!!

Think planter!!!  I AM!!!

Do you remember the last time I used the seat out of a truck???  WELL,,, click on this line to get there.   I love doing stuff like this!  Pieces of art like this are what get my mind going!  They make me think about "strange" things going into your garden to make it fun. 

SO!   This little Vdub seat will get cut up a little.  Then I'll plant it!  It will be a hoot!!!  SOON that is.  I know!  This was just a tease. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hypertufa Totems Part 2

Here are 3 totems with the concrete on the top.

The concrete is formed in a
hanging light shade.

Beads, a faucet handle, tines from a tool
and a screen from something.

Ice cream cone? 
Concrete on top of a floor lamp piece.

Pretty, lacy (almost) on top of a metal pulley from
a lawn mower or something like that.

It sits on a few pieces.

Remember:   The idea is the concrete will cover itself in moss.  So, picture (in your mind) a fun roundish ball of bright, plush green sitting on a stack of funky junk.  YUM!!!  What a great piece for your garden.

Yes, these will be at Sorticulture!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hypertufa Totems Part 1

Here's a couple more hypertufa totems.  These have goodies on top of the concrete piece.

A FUN funky top!

The whole piece.

The whole piece.  This one is much fancier
than the first one you just looked at.

Another fun top.

Do you remember the first one I made???  Click on this line to see it.

Tomorrow I'll show you some with concrete at the top.   These will be at Sorticulture.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hypertufa Stool


This is so FUN!  It's a quick, easy project.  The idea is to put it in the shade, under a big tree and let it develop a big, thick carpet of moss!!!

Too FUN!!!

3 left over legs from a project, a plastic bucket
and we have a funky little stool!

This didn't turn out exactly like I wanted it.  SO ,,, I'll try again ... soon!!!  YEP!  This will be at Sorticulture.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Garden Room Divider with Plasma Cutter WIP


Here's a little bit of a work in progress (WIP).


Do you remember a post when I brought home
some scrap metal?

Which one you ask???

Click on this line to see what this
started out as.

Now it's 2 primitive dragonfly's waiting to
 be made into a screen for a room divider!

I'm having a tough time trying to figure out how I want it to hang.  I was thinking I should frame it with wood.  BUT!  The more I look at it, the more I think it should just hang from metal.  I have its 2 side pieces ready to hang too.  HUM!  Maybe by show time I'll have it ready ... LOL!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Look What I Found

I did ... I found this on my front porch!


Oh my.  I sure do love yellow!  Thank you Pink Sally!!!