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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Look What I Found In My Yard EEK!

Hi guys!

I have FRIENDS!  Yep, Check out these little beauty's who were very mad at me for moving them around while I took pictures.

Imagine my surprise when I turned this
 lamp shade over and found these guys!

This was taken mid July, 2014.

They were really busy and didn't even notice I was around.

UNTIL ....

I decided I needed pictures of the other side.

I started moving the shade around, getting
closer with my camera lens.

Look at this piece of gorgeous Mother Nature Made beauty.

He's gorgeous.  Of course I wanted to get close up pictures.  OOPS!  Of course they didn't like it.

Let's just say,,, I REALLY pissed them off.  YES!  I quit and ran with my tail between my legs!!!

Sorry about all the watermarks all over the pictures.  I've learned the hard way I HAVE to put them on.  There's a blog out there with a picture of my blue bottle ladder in my yard and a guy who stated he made it.  Yep!  Straight off my blog.  SO!  Watermarks!

See ya soon!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

More Great Finds!


How are ya???

Today I've got a couple more goodies to show you that will be at .. yep ... Sorticulture next June.

YOWZA!  This is a beauty!!!

Metal half basket.  FUN!
I love finding great junk!  Don't you???

Friday, October 3, 2014

A Couple New Finds

Hi guys!

It's time to take a break from dyeing stuff.  So,,,, here's a couple new finds that will show up in some thing next year at Sorticulture!

Milk cans are always big sellers at Sorticulture.

I see more patio furniture parts here!!!

From the looks of what I've found this summer ,,, it's going to be a show of funky patio furniture next June!  YAY!!!


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Clothes Hangers Made From Bike Spokes and a Gas Station Dip Stick - DIY


I'm so excited to show you these. FUN!!!!

I was thinking that if I'm going to put out a line of recycled clothing ,,, well ,,, they need to be shown on something recycled.  AND!  By that I don't mean your old clothes hangers you gave to a thrift shop and I bought.  By that I mean hangers I made out of parts from something "odd". 

Here's what we are going to make. 

YES you can!!!  These are very easy.

I measured a couple hangers I had and they were around 17 to 19 inches wide. 

FIRST:  find a piece of thick wood you would like to use as your hanger.  I used a section of an old gas station dip stick.  I cut it into 4 pieces.

SECOND: find enough bike spokes to finish your wood pieces.  In my case, I used 4.

It's hard to see these.  Click on the picture and
it will enlarge it for you.
Here are 3 hangers getting ready to go.
After you cut your boards to length, drill one hole
in the middle of each that's just barely big enough
for the fat end of your spoke to go through.

Add a washer to the larger piece, push the spoke
through the board.  Screw on the end of the spoke.

You want the hole in the wood tight.  I used a
hammer and tapped lightly on the screw and
it went right through for me.

I'm going to wrap that wire around the base of this
 art piece using it to make the top of the hanger.

Pull to make the top round part.

This is about what you will see.  Any thing close
to this will work.  Each one you make will get better.

I held the wire by the wood and pulled the wire
over my finger to get that bend for the top.

I held the wire where it went over my finger and
pulled the rounded part around that art piece again. 
This is what the first one looked like that
I made with only my hands.

I made 3 more using various tools trying to figure out the easiest and best way to do this.  FIRST!  DO NOT use shorter spokes.  You can.  But, they are very hard to bend.  I had to use several tools again trying to figure out the best way to do it.  The best way ,,, use longer spokes.  Larger bike wheels.


I will make several more out of different types of wood.  I used this because it was right there when I first thought of doing this.  Next I'll use some scraps of wood that are out in the garage.  AND I will use the bike spokes again.  They are hard, firm and easy to manipulate.  They might not hold a heavy winter coat.  But, they will hold any shirt I'm working on right now.  What?  How am I going to hang the skirt???  HA!  I think I just now figured it out.  I'll show you some other time.

What would you use for the wood piece???  How about the metal???

THANKS!!!  Shell

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dipping Shirts in Indigo Dye

Hi guys!

Are you ready to see the shirts I dipped using indigo dye?

sweet simple tank

after one dip

after 3 dips

washed and dried

close up of the graduated color

sweet little shirt

after one dip

after 3 dips

washed and dried

close up

darling white skirt

after one dip

after 3 dips I realized I was going
to get some other color!

see the folds?  when they dry I will get
a softer color inside the folds.

washed and dried

close up
upside down white eyelet shirt

after one dip

after 3 dips

washed and dried

close up

I am one very happy camper!!!!

So????  Tell me what you think!!!  PLEASE!

None of the clothing has been ironed yet.  I was planning on putting together a nice collection of clothing before I listed them on Etsy this spring.  BUT!  They might wind up at We Do Art.  If  we can figure out how to display them.  I'm thinking ... my handmade hangers (next post!) and an old floor lamp or two.


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tie Dyeing With Indigo Part 3 Another Reveal

Hello ya all!

How are ya???  Around here all is well and fall has set in.  YAY!  It was a hot one for Washington this summer.  I heard July and August were both record setters for the number of days over 80 degrees.  If you've never lived around here ,,,, that's hot. 

Today it sprinkled while I was working in that LOVELY bucket of indigo dye.  I'm on day number 10 of it.  It's only supposed to last about a week.  I've been good to it, but I think it's had enough.  I'll know tomorrow how today's work turned out.

Would you like to see how those shirt kabobs turned out???


Shirt Kabobs

White thermal top, front


Grey thermal top, front


Oh this was fun to wrap up and tie.

Then I untied it.
To get this!!!  Front.



Just look at this lovely string!!!!  YEP! 
I know where I'm going to use it!!!

Check out this little bundle.

Just untying a couple strings
gets me excited!

Shoot!!!  Check this out!  Front.


So???  What do you think???  All of these tops were bought at a Goodwill.  The short sleeved blouse still had the tags on it.  It was never worn.  The grey thermal.... oops!  Part rayon ??? ... oh oh!  Not what this dye is for ... so ... we'll just see what happens next. 

Each top was washed with Tide in the washing machine, then dried in a dryer to set the color.  From this point on ,,, the dye should not leak out.  Well ,,, except maybe that grey thermal top.  It's an experiment!  YEP!  I didn't screw it up ... hahaha!!!

So?  What's next??? 

Pictures of clothing I dipped into this pot of dye without tying it. 


Making hangers to hang these with.  I mean ,,, hey!  If I'm making recycled clothing ,,, shouldn't they be hung on recycled hangers???  I know ,,, a bicycle spoke and a gas tank dip stick.  YEP!  Pictures to follow very soon.  After all ,,, you have to see what went into the bucket with old dye today!  YUM!!!

Thanks!  Shell