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Monday, April 30, 2012

Do you ever see a recipe and think … HUH???? Really???

Years ago I tried making brownies with a little water and a can of cherry pie filling.  While they tasted good, they were like soft rubber.  Spongy.  ICKY!  I didn’t add any eggs or oil.  Now I’m thinking I used the lite version of the pie filling, which was probably a mistake.  I might have to try that again.

WELL!  The other day I saw a recipe show up on Pinterest where you only use a cake mix, water and Greek yogurt.  I’m thinking, no way!!!  But, I had to try it.  Hey!  When you buy a cake mix on sale for 79 cents and the yogurt for 75 cents, why not try it!  I looked up the website that went with the pin and found hungry-girl and some fun recipes.  This website had several different versions of making boxed cake mixes.  What I loved most was they gave a little ditty on each cake and what they thought.  It's a fun read, give it a try!  Thanks!

OK!  I did it.  I made this cake.  

Only I didn’t like the amount of water the pinterest recipe called for.  It just wasn’t enough.  It called for 1 cup.  I finally added 1 ¼ cup.  That made a big difference.  I didn’t like the consistency, so I added one egg.  The box called for 3.   My doctor would like this!

So, the only ingredients I added to the cake were one egg, 6 ounces of Greek yogurt and the water. 

Let me tell you, this cake is awesome!  I believe the one egg made a big difference.  This cake tasted absolutely delicious!  It felt heavy when I picked up a piece, but, it tasted light and moist.  It was well worth the try and I’ll try it again on every box cake mix I make from now on.

The frosting.  LOL!  What can I say?  I honestly love most of the better brand name cans of frosting.  I still love some of my home made frostings better.  BUT!  When you’re testing a recipe or you’re taking the cake some place where no one pays any attention to what they’re eating … why not use a quick can!  SO!  I had 2 cans in the fridge that were about half full each.  I put the cream cheese on one end and the dark chocolate on the other.  Then I just ran a knife from one frosting to the other.  By accident I got these pretty little swirls and I left them and made more.  Pretty, huh?

This is the plate I took to my sister
along with a bowl of cherry pie filling.


1 box cake mix
1 1/4 cup of water
1 egg
1 carton Greek yogurt (6 ounces)

Follow the directions on the box, frost and EAT!

Did you notice the piece of cake that’s missing in the picture of the cake pan?  You see I like my cake better without frosting.  What can I say?

Do you ever try making things the “wrong” way to see what will happen?  Do you like to experiment with food?  I do!  I love my kitchen and I love to cook, well, bake! 

Let me know what you think!  Have a good one and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hi Shelley,
    I had to drop by your blog & send a note. We follow each other on Pinterest so I see your name almost daily. I noticed you reside in Everett. I was just there a couple of weeks ago as my brother & sister both reside there also.
    I want to wish you luck with your blog. I started one shortly after I retired in 2006. Now with Pinterest I am having a hard time blogging!
    I don't see a place to follow your blog or I would do that. My blog is: dianesmixedart.blogspot.com Perhaps we can meet up one day on one of my trips to the Northwest.

  2. Hi Diane! I'm sorry this took so long. I couldn't find your comment until this morning and that was by accident! If you come this way, let me know. I'll try not to lose your comment this time. EEK! It's tough being new at this,,, sorry! It's raining here today. I hope you are having better weather than us. We did need a day of it, but, let's hope it's only one day!!! Thanks for the note! Shelley