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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ready? Set? GOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All right ladies and gentlemen!  Look out.  You’ve asked me for years if I have a website.  Well, for now, this is as close as I can get.  Please forgive me!  I love building art, baking, cooking, playing with the kids and animals.  Blogging and websites,,, just not my thing!  SO!  PLEASE!!!  Hang in there with me while I get started!!!  I hope to talk to you about my art, my friends art, a little cooking, a ton of baking and about “stuff”.  Stuff just kind of happens doesn’t it???  I mean, no matter what we plan from day to day stuff just kind of gets in the way.  Most of the time it’s a good thing.  BUT!  Well, let’s just hope it’s all good.  So for the next couple weeks I’ll throw some pictures on here of what I’ve done lately or in the past.  Then as I really begin to understand the process of setting up this blog I’ll get my act together and we’ll talk about what’s going on weekly, then maybe even daily!  Sound okay???  I sure hope so!  If not, well, be kind and let me know!!!  Thanks so much!  Shelley

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