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Thursday, April 26, 2012

yum, Yum, YUM! Look what I found!!!

Okay!  SO!  Here we are on a Tuesday evening and Joy and I are walking down the road just minding our own business.  OK, so we weren’t, minding our own business that is.  We were on the look out for junk.  YES!  You see Wednesday mornings in my neighborhood is garbage pick up day.  So the evening before, we always head out to see what we can find.  THEN, we do most of it again in the morning.  You see I’m too lazy to get up really early to beat the garbage man.  I don’t need that one beer bottle cap that bad.  Soooooo, back to the story.  We get to a place where its either turn left and keep going or right and head towards home.  I went right, Joy went left and she pulled harder.  I’m pretty sure she yelled, “I won”!  SO!  We get 2 houses down and what do we find?  Why Dorothy we’re not in Kansas any more, no, we’re in junk heaven.  Piles of junk!!!  Some one moved today.  Weehaw!  So!  10 minutes later I’m leaving … whining and empty handed. 

DARN!  We tried. 

We kept going around the block any way only to find a nice surprise.  You see there’s this one house that always has 5 to 10 beer bottle caps for “me” in his recycle bin.  I’m sure he puts them in there just for me.  HA!  Well, right next to the garbage can is the top part of an older metal industrial looking seat back.

AND, oh is it the perfect color?  Why, yes, it is!   AND the number on it is even better.

We tried putting it in the canvas recycled bag I always take with me. It kind of fit.  We looked pretty funny walking down the road with all our goodies.  BUT!  My neighbors are great and they are used to it. 

As we got closer to home we talked to one neighbor while his wife went in and brought out a nice sized jar full of beer bottle caps for us!  SCHWEET!!!

Life is good tonight.  Not only did we get in a mile and a half of walking.  BUT!  We also found a great score, more bottle caps and some beautiful cobalt blue bottles.  Just for that, Joy got an extra biscuit when we got home and I rewarded myself with a cup of hot chocolate. 

Did you get a chance to find any thing today?  If so, want to share what it was?  Did you treat yourself afterwards?

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!

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