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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Hanging Baskets - Junk Style!!!

Hey there! 

Friday I was out looking through my many piles of junk and found some buckets that needed to move.  Each bucket was full of stuff and a little water.  HUM!  That must be because they have small leaks in them.  After all, with the amount of rain we’ve been blessed with this year, they should have been over flowing. 

SO!  The other day I was wasting my time going through Pinterest.  I have to tell you.  I LOVE wasting my time there!  You see, I saw these 2 buckets, hanging from some thing, with flowers in them.  You know the good old hanging baskets!  I also saw one bucket full of flowers hanging from this old spring.  Then I saw some buckets with numbers on them.  Hey!  Put them all together and what do you get?  I’ll show you!

First, get your buckets out and clean out the insides and wipe off the outsides where you’ll be putting your numbers.  Don’t wash the whole thing.  Well, I wouldn’t wash the whole thing.  I like stuff, um, kind of dirty looking.  I want my new stuff to look like it’s been in the garden for the past 30 to 50 years.  I saw on Pinterest that you should then wash where the numbers will go with vinegar.  OK!  I’ll bite.  I did it.  That’s supposed to help the paint adhere to the galvanized metal better. 

Poor Joy!  She hates the camera. 
Here you can see 4 buckets hanging to dry.  Yep!  That's some of the goodies I'll be using to make art with.  HONEST!  It'll be okay!  We'll just make lots of art!

WELL!  I just happen to have one of those wonderful Cricut machines.  Have you seen them?  Maybe you own one?  I love mine.  I don’t use it much.  BUT!  When I do it’s like magic.  SO!  I got it out and cut out 3 different sets of numbers for my bucket.  You see one bucket is smaller so it needed to be number ½!  I laid each set of numbers down on a piece of printer paper and taped them down.  Then I cut out the printer paper where the letters and numbers are cut out.  This way the printer paper will help block some of the over spray from the can of paint I’m going to use.

Can you see that little black line that is on top of each set of numbers? 
Well, that's the inside of the lettter O.  Now pay attention and you can see where I goofed and left one off.  Which one?  HA!  You find it!

I sprayed the backs of my home made stencils with some glue, stuck them to the buckets and sprayed on the paint.  Just a little at a time.  Now, because the buckets are dented all over the stencil didn’t do a great job.  BUT!  That’s okay.  That look goes with the nasty old buckets!  It works just fine. 

I love cheap spray paint for projects like this!


Can you see under the stencil? 
It looks like it didn't get painted all the way.

Now for the next part, oh wait!  That comes later.  You see… it started raining AGAIN and I had to stop for the night.

Here's what they look like so far!


What do you think???        Black or Brown???

I’ll get back to finishing this real soon and I’ll let you see how they turned out.  If it stops raining long enough I need to mow the lawn first.  My lawn sure is green.  EEK!  Around here, that’s NOT always a good thing! 

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


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    1. Thanks so much! I agree! I just added a post that shows what I did with 2 of these buckets. Thanks again! Shelley

  2. god, these are great - either color works for me!

    1. Thanks Amy! This was fun. I just posted a picture of 2 of these buckets hanging from an old wagon hitch of some kind. You know,,, a junky thing!!! Shell