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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hanging Baskets Part 2

WELL?  How are ya today???  All is fine here.  Joy is getting to be a dog for a few days.  YEP!  Usually she and I hang out around the house or in the yard.  SO!  Other than getting in about 3 miles of walking each day you could say Joy is kind of bored.  Today I went to my sister’s place and Joy got to stay with her.  I’ll pick her up in a couple of days.  NOW, while she’s there, on 5 acres of woods and ponds (I saw brand new baby ducks on one pond this morning!), she gets to hang out with 3 other dogs.  YEP!  She’s going to be one of the dogs this week.  She loves it!!!  Then, when she gets home, I’ll have my granddaughter here for the weekend.  That will give her some one else to hang out with.  That’s good for both the kid and the dog.  OH!  And me too!!!!

Remember the buckets I painted numbers on the other day (May 5th)?  Well, I finally got my butt outside tonight and finished them.  Well, nearly finished.  They just need some flowers added to the buckets and tah-dah!  Finished! 

Take a look ...


If I plant tall, floppy grass in here I could call this:
Thing 1 and Thing 2 ???

I hung them off a funky wagon hitch thingy.  A nice, no, a very nice neighbor brought me that wagon piece!  Isn’t this fun!  You gotta love this funky junk!!!

In the next couple weeks I’ll plant some thing in there and I’ll post a picture or two for you to see.

What do you think I should plant in them???  I'm thinking some thing like purple wave petunias???  Maybe fuchsias?  Some thing that will spill over the sides.  Maybe one bucket should be purple and the other pink???  HELP!  I suck at plants!!!  Any suggestions???  Thanks!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. I'm lovin' this more and more...but no help on the plant end...not my forte...but I know they will look fabulous!