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Thursday, May 17, 2012

LOOK! Guess what I found???

OMG!  I have to tell you.  I’ve been trying to get some art made for Sorticulture, a garden art show that’s right around the corner!!!  SO!  About every 2 weeks or so I go to our local metal recycle “dump”.  The guys there are wonderful, all fun and rarely in a bad mood.  YES!  I take them food!  That way they get some and so do I!!!  I need it too!  OK!  Not really.  It’s just that my very favorite thing in the world to do is bake.  Not cook!  Bake!

When I was in high school all I wanted to do was open a bakery and have antiques to sell in it!  BUT!  I was so tired of school I went looking for a job and I got lucky.  WELL!  I think it was lucky.  LOL!  It was.  They gave me a nice retirement when they smiled and thanked me for retiring after 34 years.  They kept calling me a “shit disturber”.  HUM???  I was a chief shop steward for our local union and on their executive board.  YEP!  I was a pain, but, only because they had to mind the contract. 

SO!  Where was I???  Oh yeah!!!  The recycle center.  I found this giant box (about 4 feet square and tall!) full of brass.  Oh I do love shiny things.  Don’t you???  Well, down at the very bottom was this load of keys.  Now, normally I’d say “oh gee, that’s nice” and leave.  Only this time some of the keys were different colors.  I mean like fun colors, ads, universities, pro ball clubs, sparkly rhinestones, and much, much more!  SCORE!!!  What can I say???  I looked around and no one was looking.  SO!  YEP!  Over the top of that 4 foot tall box I went.  I started putting the keys in any thing that I could find that would hold the keys,,, note to self,,, next time get smart and bring in a bucket!!! 

WELL!  I was in there at least 10 minutes before 2 of the guys peeked over the top (while eating my peach dump cake I found the recipe for on Pinterest!) and asked how I got in there.  I just laughed and said “GO AWAY!  Don’t let the boss catch me!”  They laughed and actually left!  Although, they were laughing so hard the next guy came over and peeked inside!  He helped me by handing me a bucket, then left.  I was hollering at him but he was laughing so hard he didn’t even turn around.  The turkey gave me my “escape bucket”, the bucket that I used to climb over the top of the box with.  The bucket I was going to use to get back out.  I needed that step!  Darn the luck.  Well, after 20 minutes I climbed out, OUCH, and felt like a girl just learning to ride a boys bike!  YEP!  That one hurt!!! 

I pulled out my bucket of keys and walked up to have one of the guys weigh it for me.  OUCH again!  32 pounds of keys later, at over $2.25 a pound, I was getting in my truck and headed for home.  I didn’t want to pay that much for all those keys.  After all, I really only wanted the fun ones.  BUT!  When you start thinking of all the other things you could make with the million and one keys in that bucket,,, HEY!!!  I just had to take them all. 

SO!  I go home and start loading my truck with all the scrap metal I can think of to sell them.  WOW!  I did pretty good.  On my way back I swung by a neighbor who always sets out metal for any one who wants it.  He works on cars and doesn’t want to bother with it.  I’m so glad he doesn’t.  You see!!!  I drove back to the recycle center, jumped on the weigh scale (so they could see how much my truck weighed), then I unloaded all the metal I didn’t want, then I drove back to weigh my truck again (so they could see how much it weighs now), then I drove over to the office.  OH IT WAS WONDERFUL!  You see, as far as I could tell, I brought in about 700 pounds of metal.  That’s $70 (10 cents per pound).

The boss just looked at me and smiled.  We called it even!!!  I was one very happy puppy.  I think I owe my neighbor some baked goods.  After all, he’s the one that I get all that metal from!!!

SO!  Wanna see my keys???  OK!  Here they come. 

tiger print keys?

Plaid keys?  Rhinestones???

check out the guitar!!!

What's that fishes name??? 

U of Dub, Mariners, M&M's.   A skeleton?

Peace Baby!

Since when did Tinkerbell get naughty???


Harley Davidson

Cartoon Characters, Seahawks, tie dye!

That's about 28 pounds of keys right there!!!

So???  What do you think of my bucket of keys???  There's enough in there to last quite some time.  Well, at least a few big projects!

What would you do with all these???? 

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell


  1. I would love to know what you ended up doing with all the keys. Lol. What a wonderful find! They might even make a great windchime type art piece. Love your pieces. Will try to find, if not paint some of the cobolt blue bottles. That is actually my most favorite color as well.

    1. Hi! THANK YOU! I have to tell you! I made about 25 to 30 wind chimes and still have a TON of keys left. I'll make that many and more this summer for 3 art shows. I even put some on etsy. Then, I used some in some thing I call my beaded windows. I take old wood frames from windows and fill them with beads, keys, door and window hardware, kids toys, old eye glasses,,,, you name it! They hang in your garden or in a window and catch tons of light and become a conversation piece because of the junk in them. FUN! If you can't find blue bottles and you want some ,,, if you live near me in Everett, WA... I'll give you some. thanks so much for chatting! Shelley