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Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Latest Score From the Alley

So, how's it going?  I sure hope you had a good weekend.  We did here at our house.  We got tons of sunshine both Saturday and Sunday.  Around here lately, that's a score!!! 

Joy and I went walking Sunday morning like usual and found one of my neighbors is still cleaning out his garage.  This poor guy was a victim of our economy.  He and another guy had an auto repair shop that lost its lease.  Then with the economy turned on its head the business was too slow to start up another.  This poor guy brought home all his gear.  I thought my garage was loaded with goodies!  HA!  This guy has me beat by far.  He's got car parts, tools, test equipment, lifts, rolling tool boxes, grinders, vices, well, I could go on forever.  The point is ,,, it's all in a 2 car garage.  SO!  He's been going through it for several months now and every once in a while I score! 

Sunday, he left out one of those plastic milk crates full of old wiring from cars, PLUS, some electrical wire used inside the walls of homes. 

SCORE!  Joy and I saw it, checked it out and started to leave.  HA!  We went back, hauled it home, and then went on our walk.  We went about 1 1/2 miles and on our way home he had put out another fun piece.  You know those blue bins that are full of little plastic drawers.  WELL!  He left out a commercial grade one. 

This puppy is heavy.  PLUS!  It's got advertising on it.  Advertising is one of my favorite things to collect.  Some of the graphics on old advertising is amazing!  Well, this one ???? not so much. 

The other day on Pinterest I saw this cute little chest of small drawers.  The drawers were old cigar boxes with wood spools for pulls.  I'm not sure who originally made it, but, it's darling.  SO!  I take home this screw bin and just for fun I put a few cigar boxes inside. 

Some fit.  Some didn't.  BUT!  That's okay.  I'll make them fit.  I'm thinking I need to paint that metal box, add the cigar boxes, some funky knobs and I'll have a fun little "crap" holder.  LOL!  Sorry!  I just have much great stuff that this would hold. 

Around here I call it like it is.  If it's junk, say it's junk.  If it's crap, you got it!  Call it crap.  I call my garden art Crustic & Craptastic.  It's made from crusty old crap!  SO!  YEP!  The name is a good fit.

For those of you who use copper wire.  I’m thinking this crate full of wire will work out for us.  All of it has to be stripped.  That can be a real pain in the butt. 

The home wire will be easy. 

It’s the rest that might or might not be worth the hassle of stripping it.    

Hopefully I’ll get some done soon.  I really think some of that wire needs to go into some bracelets and earrings!  After my upcoming garden show, Sorticulture, is over in June…  BRACELETS and EARRINGS here I come. 

What do you think about this copper wire find?  Have you priced copper lately?  MAN!  I thought it was high last year when I was paying $4 a pound for most of it at recycle shops.  It’s outrageous!  I think with the price even higher this year I’ll take the time to strip each and every wire there!  Wouldn’t you???

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!

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