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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Some times frustration leads to great art!

Hello!  This week has been so busy and frustrating.  I started making art Tuesday evening and the rhythm just flew!  It was perfect  ...  UNTIL  …  My antivirus program expired on Wednesday.  I went to Best Buy and picked up a great program that was on a great sale.  Happy with my score, I brought it home and put it in my computer only to see my DVD player died!!!  SO!  I took out the laptop.  It uploaded the program just fine.  So, I went back to the dinosaur I call a computer (it’s nearly 11 years old) and tried to get the DVR working.  It wouldn’t work either!  OKAY!  SO!  I waited until the next morning, still no luck.  I turned on the laptop only to see it DIED!  No kidding!  Some how I lost a driver and had to put it back in.  After I did, the antivirus program was gone.  SO!  I tried to reinstall it only to have it tell me I didn’t have the updates on my computer.  I worked on it off and on all day before I finally got the 7 updates that I lost some how!!!  THEN!  The antivirus went in.  ONLY to slow down my computer so much I quit for a couple days and went back to making art.  

What a nightmare these beasts can be!  Some thing so simple that it should only take 10 minutes!  HA!  Not in my house!  At least I finally got it in my dinosaur and we’re back up and running safely.  Just very slowly!  Darn it any way!

I’m going to do a garden art show, here in Everett, June 8, 9 & 10 called Sorticulture!  Get it?  Any thing that sorta goes with horticulture ,,, Sorticulture!  Ahhhh!!!!  It’s a great show.  They bring in close to 15,000 buyers and 100 vendors that bring in any thing that goes in a garden.  All of it is supposed to be hand made from that artist.  You will also find a lot of plants, antiques, food, drinks, music, entertainment and an area for kids.  It’s a great show!  If you are in the area, stop on by!  It’s well worth the visit!!!  My booth is called:

Shelley’s Crustic & Craptastic Garden!

This is what frustration built Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

2 pieces made from junk

lightning rod parts

top of a wood stove

garden architecture

this green guy is made from
the under side of a kids wagon - do you see the crown?

Yep!  toilet tank float and 2 different lamps

What is it???

I don't know!

But!  I liked the textures together. 
It's part hanging lamp, wagon wheel & metal basket
(that might have been a lamp?)

bottles on a stick

These are what I call architectural pieces for your garden!  They sit "inside" a group of flowers and "peek" out to draw attention to your planted area!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

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