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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where This Recycle Artist Shops

Okay!      First.      Look at this picture ...

Tell me what you see.  Don't laugh! This is my Nordstroms. 

Many years ago when my kids were little I'd go to Nordstroms on my birthday, just for me.  I'd take my whole $100 and tell myself I could only buy what was on sale.  Well, now I go into the recycle centers and try to limit my trips to $100!!!  AND!  I love it so much more.  Although, please, please don't look in my closets.  My wardrobe looks a lot like this first picture.  EEK!  Not a pretty site!

What I see: ART PARTS!  Yes, hundreds of pounds of art parts.  THINGS that I can use in making my style of art.  SO you ask, what's the problem?  It's like looking at a rack of wonderful lingerie!  How can you only pick $100 worth when you know you'll only get to take home one piece?

My first pile to go through!   Why?   It had keys in it!

How does some one like me know what I need and when to stop?  Hell if I know!  You find a place that has several pieces that you'd really like, then just look around in that small area.  When you think you've found enough there, you stand up and look around, then you go to the next spot and do the same. 

Second pile to go through.  Why?  It has these
steel rings from a car and they're "pretty"!

When I got to this point I found these great steel rings in different sizes with spikes and stuff on them.  The guys, who work there, told me what they were, but, what can I say?  I forgot.  It's a car part.  Shoot! 

Now at one point, like it not, you have to quit!  Some times that just sucks!  You see when I turned to the left and looked I could see more keys!  YEP!  I went for those too.  Then I found these 2 green metal boxes and they needed to be filled.  SO!  I tried my hardest to fill them.  Then I found a wire basket.  I had to try to fill it too.  THEN!  I found a 5 gallon bucket and those car parts fit in there perfectly.  Today I even found a plastic jug, like a Costco sized cashew container, filled half full of screws.  That was a great find.  Those are really expensive to buy right now and if you build like I do.  Why use 3 screws when 4 will hold it together better! 

SO!  Here are a few pictures of what I found today.  Hopefully you'll see some art come out of this batch very soon.  You see, if the weather ever clears up again, I need to weld.  I'm in the mood and I know what I want to build.  I just need the weather to cooperate.  I weld outside and rain and 220 volts just don't like each other! 

And,,, NO I did not spend $100 today!  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I did finding the stuff! 




Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


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    1. From one junker to another! It's amazing isn't it! I'm hoping to start a welded trellis today from all the gear looking pieces! Thanks for stopping by!