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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Check Out This Alley Find!!!

Okay!  So, it's been a little while since I found this in the alley!  BUT!  I have to tell you!  It was an amazing find.

Remember!  I love it when neighbors I don't know move!  I'm sad to see people I know leave.  BUT!  You just have to love it when any of them leave great STUFF in the alley. 

One afternoon the sun is shining, my head phones and I are really gettin' into some Dave Matthews and what do I see???  I'm thinking,,, NO WAY!  I was just wishing I had one of these to make my life so much easier!!!  What  did I find???  SCORE!!!!


Now, I'm thinking to myself, of course it won't work!  You know people don't just throw away things like this when they work.  SO!  Joy and I kept walking down the alley.  We only had 3 blocks to go, then we'd cut through the park and come back this way again!  WELL!  We only made it one block and I nearly ran back to that garbage can.  Not only was there a tile saw there,,, there was also a small kids mini bike there.  YEP!  Powered mini bike.  LIKE IN MINI MOTORCYCLE!  I didn't know any one with kids that small... so I left it.  It was there for over a week.  I called every one I knew and no one wanted it.

WELL!  Joy and I nearly ran all the way home with this little find of ours.  OK!  So, it's not small, but it sure can cut glass.  You see I was using a $350 glass band saw before that seemed to take 2 to 3 minutes to cut the end off a wine bottle.  This new saw,,, well,,, it cuts them off in seconds.  BUT!  The cut is no where near as clean or nice!  Because the product I was making out of this glass didn't need to be a perfect cut, this was the perfect tool to use.

Check out some pictures of the tool and the "alley" I now have at home...  Alley you ask?  You'll see!!!

Sorry about the picture. 
This sits next to a fence on the south side of my house.

Joy and I go through our alleys 2 times a day to find these wonderful bottles.  Joy gets too tired to walk 3 miles in one trip.

MY ALLEY!  This is the south side of my house.  Here I can break all the glass I do and not worry about any one getting hurt.  Notice all the Coke and blue bottles at the top of the picture.


SO!!!  What do you,,, okay!  What do I do with all those bottles that you see???  Why, make some thing craptastic!!!  OK!  I hope it turns out to be craptastic!!!

Some bottle tops are melted, slumped, into "beach glass".  When you slump or slightly melt the tops of the bottles they get a hazy look about them.  They look like they just came off the beach.

The neck of a Coke bottle after it's slumped.  Don't you just love these colors!!!???  Obviously, I DO!

Mickey's big mouth beer bottle top!  Thank goodness some one drinks beer.  You see,,, I don't!

Pop, wine, beer, Startbucks, juice. 
You name it.  I cut it!

I love this blue!!!  Don't they look like lifesavers candys???

This is tough to see.  BUT!  I put those tops in between the driftwood and STUFF to make hangings that look like they have beach glass!!!


Some of the bottles I cut the bottoms off of!  Then I put them into concrete.  I put 2 bottoms together and you can see all the way through them.  Some I add glass inside so you can get lots of color.  Some I added sea shells.  I wish I had a good picture to show you.  How about some day this coming week I'll do a quick tutorial on them and you can see how to make them.  These were a BIG hit at the garden show!  Let's say,,, I made over 200 of them and I have one left... and that's because it didn't go to the show.  It's full of antique marbles!

Here is a booth shot showing "bricks" of concrete full of color.  These are the bottoms of bottles.  You can see all the way through these bricks.  TONS OF COLOR!!!


As you can see.  For me, it's all about recycle.  I don't believe in buying new materials when there is so much out there to use for free.  You just have to go find it.  That can take a long time!  BUT!  Enough of this!  Now I want to show you how to do this!!!!  SO!  Be on the lookout for an easy way to do these concrete blocks coming later this week!!!  I still have one week left to behave or the doctor promised to spank me.  HUM?????  Okay!  Never mind!  I'm still on a 15 pound weight lifting restriction due to my appendectomy 8 days ago.  SO!  I'll see you at the end of this week for the tutorial!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell

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