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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Guess What I Found Today???

In case you haven't noticed yet ...  I LOVE METAL!  I love funky things.  SO!  Today I made a trip into the metal recycle yard down the road.  I hadn't been there in 3 weeks.  I usually stop by every other week and, YES, I take them food.  I love to bake and cook and with just me at home. WELL!  Some one needs food somewhere!  I picked these guys.  The owner is a very nice man, but, his employees are a hoot!  I think I just adopted 5 more brothers! 

SO!  With a large plate of fudge in my hands I stopped in to say hello and look for "small" metal pieces for my jewelry projects I'm supposed to be working on.  O.M.G.!  The pile today, to pick from, was amazing.  The first 2 guys I talked to gave me a bad time for not being around.  We chatted for a short time then I was off to see what they had for me.  WELL!  They work in the brass and copper section. 

SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!  READY???

Heater Core, think garden art, think Sorticulture!!!

Check out the patina and the textures!!!


These 2 long radiator looking parts,,, they are for a friend. These will be her fish bones in her art work. 

The next guy I saw was on a large back hoe, fork lift or some thing.  He was working away, looked up and yelled "HEY!  You don't write.  You don't call!  You don't come around any more.  Where have you been?".  I just cracked up.  It was nice to see I (okay!  My food!) have been missed. 

In the main pile of crap he was working at was probably 100 to 125 berry carts.  YEP!  The metal berry carts that had a cute little wheel on it and the cart would hold a flat wood box.  The ones you see at the antique shops for a bunch of bucks!!!  Here were piles of them some one threw out!  I HAD TO HAVE THE WHEELS!  So he pulled a bunch out of the pile for me and I cut off the piece that held the wheel on and LOOK what I got!!!

Over 20 berry cart wheels.  YES!  I really wanted every single one.  BUT!  Even I have to stop some where!

When I was through chatting with that guy, I chatted with the other 2 just in time for this lady to back a truck up to that giant pile and she started unloading great stuff.   She was throwing some of it into my truck.  That was fun!

Here are more pictures!!!

Small load!

Fun parts!

Can you say jewelry???

Gears, gotta love them!

Side one of an old box cutter!

Side 2!



casters!  Amy Duncan ???  Want a pink one???

As you can see, I had fun today!!!  I have a thing for the odd thing!  :)  Tomorrow I'm going back to pick up a tail gate from an old FORD truck!  It's CRAPTASTIC!!!  Wait til you see it!!!

I hope you enjoyed these photos.  Is this some thing you like to do?  If so, what do you REALLY hope to find???  Let me know!

I'll get back on the bracelets very soon!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell


  1. no I don't want the pink caster...but I DO want that smaller spoked wheel!!!! it looks like the perfect size....!!!!

    1. I'm sorry! BUT! No! You can't have that one. BECAUSE!~~ I have a much better one for you. The one you are looking at is nearly 12 inches across. The one I have for you is nearly 6 inches across! AND! It's so crusty, IT'S PERFECT! Well, to me it is. Shell

  2. What a lot of cool stuff you found! Looking forward to seeing what you make out of it all. Do you do other shows in the Seattle area besides Sorticulture?

    1. Thanks! I had a ball! I love looking for stuff and then HOPEFULLY I can figure out what to make with all of it. I am just now getting ready to do a show called Fresh Paint in August. I'll post information on that real soon. It is what they call an Artist In Action show. Each artist is supposed to be making his/her craft while there. The problem is: you get so busy you can't. I love that part. It's a great show to visit as it sits right on the bay. I'll keep you posted. Thanks so much for visiting!!!! Have a good night!!! Shelley