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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh So Lucky Me! SCORE!!!

It was my lucky day when Joy and I hit the alley on this sunny day!!!  Can you believe I found this wonderful old, awesome, ironing board???  

Not a great looking find you say???

Check this out!

This wonderful little clip (one on each side) held that icky old pad on the ironing board.  Think jewelry finding!



BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    and

What can we put in holes like these???

Can you see a jewelry display here??? 

Oh please say yes!

I DID!!!

There's a funny story that goes with this one.  Joy and I walk the same route on our walk nearly every day.  Every once in a while we meet people in the alley.  We did this day.  We have 2 new tenants in a rental just 2 blocks away.  These 2 young men were sitting around a picnic table chatting away on our way by the first time.  The smell of pot was a little over whelming and we were 50 feet away.  The funny part ...  it's clean and sober housing!!!  This is a first, that I've seen there.  Well, on our way back we passed them again, only this time, we were carrying this under my arm.  They just cracked up.  They were laughing so hard it told me how long they'd had their little party going on.  We could still hear them laughing nearly a full block away.  That made me laugh too!!!  I don't care what they do.  That's their business.  It was just too funny to hear them laughing so hard I thought they might wet their pants.  That's a tale they'll be telling for a while.  I can just hear it now...  "Dude, you should have seen it.  There was this old bag lady and her old dog walking down the alley carrying an ironing board!!!" 

So?  Want a sneak peak at some jewelry from junk for Fresh Paint???  OK!  Here we go. 

  A couple bracelets.

More bracelets.

Fun and funky necklace from junk and more!!!

Earrings ,,, not from junk!

Sorry the pictures were taken in full sun light.  I'll get some more for you soon!!!

Time to go get some thing made ... even if it's bad!!!  :)

Found any thing lately???  Let me know what you found! 

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

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