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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Smashed Buttons, Junk and Jewelry!

Okay!  So after I had fun showing you how I like to make concrete blocks, I’ve been thinking!  I love messing around with stuff that doesn’t “belong” together.  Things that can be put together that most people would never think of.  I know of a lot of assemblage artists who do just this.  Actually, I think that’s the difference between craft and art.  I make a lot of crafts and some art.  I strive to make art.  But, honestly, I believe a lot of what I make I would consider craft.  To me the difference is that “out there” quality.  The difference between making that really nice piece and then call it done, versus taking that same piece and adding those finishing, funky touches that take it out there.  That make it different, that make it outstanding!

So, maybe we could have some fun and see the difference in a few pieces I make in jewelry.  Let’s take some junk and put it together and see what I can make it into.  You’ll have to tell me in the end what you think.  Craft?   Art?

I’ve been on a kick lately gathering leather belts.  Don’t ask!  LOL!  All I can say is that when I see things they make me think of other things and then I go looking for parts to make those things that are on my mind.

In this case ,,, PINTEREST.  Or, as I really call it ... Pornterest.  You see as a former (25 years ago) body sculptor and all around jock, I love the human form.  I do believe there is nothing better looking than a “hard” body, a body that is in great physical shape.  I don’t really mean body builders, I mean just in good shape bodies.  So, I have been pinning many pictures of great looking men onto a board I call Eye Candy Men.  Well, I’m finding most of the men I’m getting the pictures from are gay.  I love them.  They have the best pictures.  BUT!  I’m also getting quite the education!  EEK!  Hence, the name Pornterest and that’s another story. 

So, back to what I’ve seen lately on Pinterest.  SMASHED BUTTONS!  Yep!  Smashed metal buttons made into jewelry.  I LOVE THEM!!!!  I love jewelry even though I’m allergic to most metals.  I make a lot of jewelry and then try to wear it.  Doesn’t work very well!  So, I’m going to try making jewelry out of these belts.  Leather, I am not allergic to!  Leather, junk and beads made into bracelets and necklaces and even earrings.  What do you think?  I’m thinking give me a couple days and I’ll have at least one piece made by then.  Even if I don’t like it, or didn’t make it right, I’ll show you what I’m doing.

One thing I love to do is see what people have to use for “parts” for art when they are assemblage artists like me.  SO!  If you’d like to see what I’ve picked up around the garage, house, alley, junk shops, flea markets and been given by great friends … stick around!  I’m thinking most of this “crap” will make great jewelry. 

Here we go!

Things from the alley, wood measuring tape, lids, fan parts, keys, plumbers tape, springs, pieces of metal and a wonderful sardine lid!

wood handles, cupboard hardware, keys, metal tools

Check out the patina on this plumbers tape!  WOW!

I love the numbers on that dial, the metal spring with 2 open ends on it.

Love that dial.  The flower is from a "thing" some one made for a Christmas ornament.

I love metal signs of any kind.  Check out the patina on the thimble.  YUM!  The flower looking piece came from a fan inside an old computer.

Think cuff bracelet.

This copper and glass piece ,,, it used to be a small vial from a first aid kit.  I added the squiggly copper and slumped them in the kiln.  Wish I still had a dozen of these!

The piece in the middle ...  the top of a Christmas ornament and it's hanger.

Fittings for copper wires and a clip used on some thing like a Christmas ornament.  It has part of a word stamped into it.  I'm pretty sure it says GERMANY.

Key tags, license plate letters, ceramic insulator, drain cover, wood handle, METAL!

What can I say?  Rocks from dads place in the mountains.

Hinges, hardware, keys, blue coated copper, spoon, pop tab, beer caps, shoe hook, brass tags, green metal leaf from my neighbors old garden art.

Cork remover?  I love the arms on it!  Tequila labels!  YEP!

Love this label, it's a thin tin type material.  I hope it won't tear!  YEP!  I found it in the alley!

Check out the arms on this cork screw!  They're gorgeous.  I think ,,, take it apart and use the arms!!!

Christy's, Indiana, PA and Fordse!!!

Belt buckles!  Key holes!  2 great scores!

Cupboard handles that hang.  Just right for earrings?  Can you find the OPERATOR button?

This string of odd pieces?  Oh my friends!  This is a real score.  These are pretty much one of a kind pieces.  This a bunch of fittings and things made for specific pieces on Boeing airplanes.  I found this string (it was much fuller then) at a garage sale.  When I asked the guy how much ,,, he laughed at me.  Then told me to take them, "no one will want them!"  Who's laughing now!  These are so much fun!

Advertising key and fob.

This is stuff out of a JOY JAR.  I bought 3 different old, wire closing mason jars from a wonderful couple at an Antique Tailgate show full of all kinds of "crap" (yes!  My favorite word).  Just junk parts to give you JOY I was told!

Love the measuring tape (thank you wonderful neighbor!), curtain hanging clips (thank you wonderful Liz!), keys and locks, tokens, clock parts, STUFF!

Metal buttons I've had forever!  TIME TO SMASH THEM!!!  Weehaw!

Here are the belts I've been buying.  Time to cut them up and do some thing with them.  Even if it's wrong!  :)

OK!  Well, I'm off to cut up a belt and see what happens!!!  BUT first, Joy is ready for her walk.  Thank God she can't talk.  The words that would be coming out of her mouth right now.  You should see the look on her face.  Basically it says,,, GET UP NOW!!!  Let's move it!

Thanks for stopping by, see ya soon and have a good one!  Shell

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