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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What is that Smell???

Okay!  It's my brain on fire.  NO!  Not from thinking up fun new things!!!  From sitting idle, maybe in reverse.  LOL!  So, what do you do when you have a giant brain fart and you can NOT think of a single thing to make???  EEK!  I have no stinking idea!!!  Ha ha!!!  What?  You think I’m kidding?  Not even a tiny bit.  J

SO!  Just to try to get things moving I went to the table I make beads and jewelry at.  Here, I’m sure I’ll think of some thing.  I was working on a couple bracelets out of junk a while back.  I figured I’d work on them some more.  This will get those so called creative juices moving!  Right?  WRONG!!!  One of the bracelets is gone.  I’ve looked every where for it.  Gone!  EEK!  I’ve looked inside the house, in every single room and under every thing.  I’ve even gone through my garage!  No luck!  SO!  FINE!  I started a necklace out of junk.  It’s okay.  Not too bad.  BUT!  I didn’t like the way it hung. 

Junk Pendant.  I'll post pictures of the whole necklace after I fix the wire job.  What was I thinking???  Notice how tight the wire is?  It won't let the pendant move.  OOPS!

So, I went to grab the old wire (so I could restring the pendant) I had and ,,, YEP!  It’s gone!  NO!  I AM NOT KIDDING!  So!  I started another bracelet and while I like it.  It isn't what I set out to make! 

Hope Bracelet.  Made from denim jeans, license plates and a rusted key I found in the alley, junk jewelry rhinestone, curtain rod holder, a cute green drop bead, a sweet red bead on an eye pin, a few rivets, a short piece of chain and some scraps of copper!

Must be my crappy mood, huh???  J

Lately, it seems, every thing I do I either screw it up, make it wrong or lose it.  SO!  I took a couple days to just chill and try again.  That works best for me.  If this doesn’t work ,,, out comes the bottle of wine!  HUM!  At least that way I’ll be relaxed and enjoying what ever I’m trying to do!

What happens some times is we try so hard to do some thing, that we can’t concentrate the way we should.  We push too hard.  You know that feeling, when you feel like you are banging your head on the wall?  I know better, yet, I do it quite often.  Right now I’m getting ready for Fresh Paint.  Well, I’m supposed to be.  I’m down to 24 days to show time.  The show opens on the 18th of August on the waterfront in Everett.  I’ll post the dates and times very soon!  Or, you can click on the word FRESH PAINT to go to the shows website. 

OK!  I’m going back out there and making some thing,,, right now!!!!!!!!!  Even if it’s wrong! 

What do you do to get those juices moving again???  To get that creativity you were pretty sure you had.  What does it for you???

I’m off to find several sections of old fence in my driveway.  I hope while I’m tearing them apart, for the boards, I’ll find some inspiration.  If not, I think I’ll just smack that hammer a few times way too hard, at least that way I’ll feel like I got rid of some of the frustration!  J

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shelley


  1. I'm sending good idea vibes your way...hope they can make it across town...I think you are on the right track with the hope bracelet - love it!

    1. Thanks Amy! You are always so kind! I HOPE jewelry is the right product for Fresh Paint for me. This is kind of new for me. I love making jewelry. It's fun. Shell