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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

50 Shades of …. GLASS OR GREY???

Hi guys!  WELL!!!  First let me say, THANKS for stopping by!  I’ve been working on stuff for Fresh Paint and it’s coming along pretty good.  Soon, today, I’ll be lucky enough to have Janet Foley (click on her name to go to her website!) stop by.  We are going to do a little welding for some fish she makes.  If we’re lucky she’ll bring all her pieces, we’ll put them together and then we’ll get to take a picture or 2!!!  Cross your fingers.  Her work is so much fun!!!

OKAY!  Back to 50 Shades.  All during Sorticulture I kept hearing about this fabulous book and wonderful man in it.  YEP!  50 Shades of Grey.  NOW!  First off, if you haven’t read the book, don’t listen to me.  Read it.  See what you think.  I thought it ,,,  well ,,,, SUCKED!!!!  Sorry!  I finally got through the first book and I tried, honestly!  I tried to get through the second.  I only made it, maybe, a third of the way through.  First… I don’t like Grey.  When I read a book, I have to be able to at least like the main characters in it.  Sorry!  Now, I do love a tough man.  You know, the ones we, women, have to FIX.  I love a good brooding man.  BUT!  I don’t love an, EXCUSE ME, asshole!  And that’s what I thought he was.  Just a jerk.  I felt sorry for our little girl, Anastasia, as she was so much like so many women I know.  She just wanted to be loved and she fixated on this man.  The one she KNEW she could fix.  It’s funny how when we meet some one and get that instant connection, whether it be friendly or desire or maybe lustful, we can fixate on that person for a time.  Some times short, some times longer!  Been there, done that!!!  You just feel that instant connection like you’ve known this person for a long time.  HUMMMMMM!!!

Anyway!  Back to 50 Shades of Grey.  I love erotica.  To me this book took so long getting through just one day  …  I just couldn’t get into the book.  NOW!  If you really want erotica just ask.  I’m not into the hurt me books!  No, just some fun, sexy reads.  I love Lora Leigh, Lorelei James, Maya Banks (that’s who I’m reading right now),  Beth Williamson, Cheyenne McCray, Jaci Burton and Shayla Black to mention a few.  These are not over the top nasty books.  They have (kind of J) a story behind them.  If you notice ,,, most of them are about cowboys and navy seal types.  I love a big, strong hero!  Whether that hero be male or female.  I have enough drama in my every day life, these books just let me escape every day life and dream.  Nothing too serious!

Have you read 50 Shades???  Yes, let me know what you thought of the book!  Don’t be bashful!  If you haven’t read the book, give it a try!  I don’t mean to say the author is bad.  I just mean to say, that for all the YUMMINESS I heard about the book   ,,,,  ?????? 

OK!  Here are a few samples of my 50 Shades Of  ,,,,  Glass! 

A single piece of colored glass can be beautiful in
a yard or a window.

Mainly in the sun.  What looks like a crack in the glass is actually a place the glass (which is very ragged to start with) folded over on itself when I slumped it in the kiln.


Purples in the sun....

and even more sun!!!

Blues ,,,

My favorite color combo!

in the sun

Part of a lip wrap, the part that goes around the edge
of a bowl or vase or ???

in the sun

This little beauty

is the glass that is on the very end of a vase or bowl or ??? 

and is cut off by the hot glass artsit.


Now they need a good bath!!!

These are what I call sun catchers.  They are old frames with glass globs attached.  I love to hang them in my windows on the south side of my house.  All that color is just so wonderful to look at, even on a cloudy day!!!

Only 2 working days left before Fresh Paint!  EEK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell


  1. really...you read more than just the first book...I read the first 50 shades just because everyone was talking about it...and I wanted to scream at Ana - run, run very fast away from this guy! its sad that it has such a following because it doesn't mirror a healthy relationship at all....but loving all the glass! see you this weekend!

    1. Thanks! Yep! I sure did get through a little more than one book. I have to say, the best part of the book was the way they addressed their emails back and forth. That was fun. Although, it did get old after a while!!! I can't wait to see you this weekend. It'll be so much fun! Good luck and stay cool!!!