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Monday, August 6, 2012

Fresh Paint Goodies – Junk Jewelry

OKAY!  Lately I’ve been working on some jewelry from STUFF.  You know,,, stuff!  It’s been a couple years since I’ve made any jewelry.  Hopefully it will get better as I go.  So far, so good!  Some of these pieces are made from junk, some from hardware you’d find in your house and some from bits and pieces of old, used jewelry.  Take a look at some of the pieces I made from Stuff!!!!

Necklace - old key fob, number tag, keys, measuring tape, electrical wire cloth, chain from Christmas ornaments, steel wire used in hanging telephone wire, crystal drop, curtain rod hanger

Close up of pendant.

Necklace - Key, curtain rod hanger, smashed metal button, vintage thimble, wanna be pearls from an old necklace, recycled copper and steel

Close up of pendant.

The next 2 pictures are from old cupboard pulls.  A while back I showed you a bunch of stuff I wanted to use in jewelry.  If you'd like to see what the pulls used to look like and the "crap" I'll use in jewelry, CLICK HERE!  Thanks!

Used to be cupboard pulls.

Used to be cupboard pulls.

Made from recycled steel from recycle center.

Made from recycled steel from recycle center. 
OOPS!  One's a little fat!

Made from recycled steel, links from an old belt.

Bracelet from a belt, links from an old necklace, number tag was used for marking transmissions during repair in vehicles.

Bracelet made with truck number tag.

Wrap bracelet from another transmission tag.

Bracelet from truck number tag, links from belt.

There's a sample of the junk jewelry I'll bring.  Soon I'll post some pictures of other jewelry I'll bring made from all new parts.  Later I'll post pics of other stuff I'll be bringing.  I hope you check back again!  Thanks so much for looking!

Here’s the link to Fresh Paint.  I’ll be in booth location 75 very close to Lombardi’s Restaurant!  Hope to see you there.  NOW!  To get some welding done!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shelley

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