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Monday, August 20, 2012

Fresh Paint Was SOOOO Much Fun!!!

OK!  I’m wiped out!  I had so much fun last weekend at Fresh Paint. 

I spend so much time talking to people I only get to see a couple times a year!  When I get home I’m wiped out from the excitement and the great energy I get from all of you!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  You guys are the best!!!  For those of you who wanted to come and just couldn't.  I missed you!  Hopefully you'll make it next year!!!

It was a warm, wonderful 2 days at the bay.  The scenery was great.  The people were great!  AND!  I even had the luck of being in the right booth when a young man and woman sat in the grass across from me and played folk music for at least half an hour!  That was fun!

By the time Sunday was nearly over a couple came by to look at some thing I made that just didn’t do it for any one!  Darn the luck, huh?  Well, they were these funky signs for your yard or garden made from license plate letters.  I had been thinking of taking them home and tearing them apart. AND, then I was thinking they wouldn’t be worth the trouble.  Oh what to do!!!  SO!  When they asked about one of them I made them a deal.  If you take the 6 left you can have them all for NOTHING!!!  They loved the idea but didn’t feel good about it.  So, after they told me where they parked (they needed to get their vehicle), I learned they had to walk through the Farmers Market going on next door.  OH DID I SCORE!!!  We negotiated a great price!!!  They went and got their car, drove it close to my booth and brought me back an ice cream bar.  O.M.G.  !!!  It was triple berry REAL ice cream made locally AND it was dipped in dark chocolate!!!  We are talking 4 ish in the afternoon, an hour left of the show and my energy was at next to zero!  MAN!  The ice cream got me back in motion and after they left, it was time to clean up! 

I had just started to pack up when this darling, young couple came up and wanted to buy the potting bench I made for Sorticulture.  It was perfect timing.  Yep!  I knocked a couple bucks off of it and they handed over the cash, and then drove their car home to pick up the pick up ,,, TRUCK!  Then came back, picked it up and I was just about ready to fill my truck.  What a perfect ending for a show  Thanks kids!!!

On my way home I did myself a favor.  After every show I stop some place and find some thing wonderful to eat for dinner.  This time it was Brooklyn Brother’s Pizza across the street from Comcast Arena.  A short wait and I took my TWO slices (just cheese please!) home and crashed.  I’m not sure if I moved after that.  J

Tonight I picked up Joy and we are one big, happy, hairy, family again.  Tomorrow I’m headed to lunch with Stacie Rife, and then later to Janet Foley’s for an ice cream social and to hear Jean Mann sing.  What a wonderful day it will be.  I’m bringing a fun ice cream topping!  I’ll give you the recipe AFTER the ice cream social.  Can’t spoil the surprise!  It’s a great, different topping and it only takes 2 ingredients to make it!!!!  You’ll love it!  WELL!  I hope you will. 

Here's a couple pictures from my booth.  CHECK out the dress form turned earring holder.  She was the hit of the weekend!!!

First, my view.  Can you see all the sail masts??? 
 I CAN!!!

I love this as a display.  People HAD to come look at it.   As the morning went on, I added many more pairs of earrings and bracelets to her.  She was such a good girl!!!

She loves earrings!!!

This is one of Janet Foley's fish that I got to add the middle section to!  That's part of an old air conditioning unit.  It's smashed and falling apart!!!  OH!  He sold!  

Could you see the lady in the background of the last picture?  She was listening to the music that was playing across the walk way from me.  She, her husband and their kids were on a blanket, eating lunch and dancing off and on.  As time went on, other people stopped and danced with them.  The kids were having a ball.

Yes, I stole this idea off Pinterest!  It was easy and it got a lot of good comments.  They liked how easy it was to see the necklaces!

This was the first necklace I sold.  The buyer went around the show and showed several of her friends.  YEP!  They came over next and we had a ball!

Booth shot, before most of my stuff was set out.  Check out those boots!  They are part of my weights for my tent.  That and the old window weights!!!!

OK!  Obviously I’m tired.  I’m just rambling on and on and on and on AND…

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell

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