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Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Dream of Sandy Beaches and What Do I Get???

HA!  Lately I’ve missed the only part of working for corporate America that was fun ,,,, scheduling my vacation!  Why?  I don’t know.  I think it’s because I hear families taking their scheduled vacations and where they’re going.  Or, maybe it’s the family snapshots sent while the grandkids are on the beaches having fun.  I know!!!  I’m on vacation every day now that I’m retired.  BUT!  It’s different you know!  Yes, it is too!  You see I goof off so much that I don’t feel like taking a vacation.  Then comes summer and every one else is on their vacation and I wonder.  HUM?  What am I missing?  Oh, wait!  I know!  I’m missing the sand from the beaches.  I make my own “sea glass” in a kiln.  I go on my own little picnics all over the place.  SO!  For me ,,, I’m only missing the sand.  HA!

Until tonight!!!!


You see ,,, tonight while Joy and I were walking down the alley we found sand.  SAND!!!!  Well, actually, we found a sand blaster!!!  Yes we did.  HONEST!  It’s brand new.  Never been used!  Well, that’s what the sign on it said.  And I know the guy who put it in the alley.  It’s new.  He’s a very nice guy and sells tools at his occasional garage sales.  The glass on the front of it came off.  All I have to do is cement it back into place and YEP a brand new sand blaster.  This will come in so handy with some of the glass work I do.  Rumor has it I’m buying a used kiln (a very large kiln) at the end of this month.  A big one!  YAY!!!  This sand blaster will enhance some of the work I can now do.  WEEHAW!!! 

Wanna see it???  Sure you do!  

It even came with a decent stand!

You can see the glass hanging out the top, the gun that shots the sand where ever I point it at and the 2 holes you put your hands into.  Inside the holes are large gloves to protect your skin while the sand flies!

Here is one of the gloves.

I just love finding stuff.  Do you?  My alleys are the best.  Do you live in an area you can go find stuff?  Like Joy and I do???

Fresh Paint is just 2 weeks away.  EEK!  I have been working on some goodies.  SO!  I’ll post those later this week end so you can see what’s coming!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shelley

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