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Sunday, August 12, 2012

I’m Workin’ On It! I PROMISE!!!

Okay!  OKAY!!!  I know!  I was supposed to be getting some pictures taken for here.  BUT!  What can I say???  I had bull riders and cowboys to go check out.  YES I DID!!!  Did you? 

I have to tell you ,,, as a sports lover and long time (ago) jock ,,, I LOVE sports!  The tougher, the better.  I still haven’t figured out which is tougher ,,, bull riding or rugby.  I think bull riding!  You see bull riding is quick (as in 0.1 to 8.0 seconds) but, that bull is deadly.  Rugby is constant, continuous rough, but, that’s only bumps, bruises and occasionally a broken bone or two.  SO!  Hats off to both, but I do LOVE those cowboys!!!

I remember the first time I went to a bull riding event.  They tell me I was only 3 years old, we’re talking late 1950’s.  Yeah, I’m old!!!  Haha!! Darrington, as small as it is, is an amazing place to watch a rodeo or bull riding event, or to listen to some excellent live blue grass.  My grandparents lived there back in the 1950’s and 60’s.  Grandpa worked at the local mill and they lived just blocks away.  I remember while he’d be at work, I’d get to play out in the front yard and get every one of those logging truck drivers to blow their horn at Sears Tillett’s granddaughter!  It was a wonderful life for a little kid!

Every girl loves a cowboy and here's why!!!

Picking up his bull rope. 
Thanks for coming to Everett young man!

One of my sisters and I went to the Comcast arena, here in town, Friday and Saturday evenings and watched the Lucas Oil (PBR) Touring Pro Division come cast their magic over me.  It so reminded me of those Darrington days.  It was wonderful.  The smell???  UMMMMMM!  YUM!  Bull poo poo!!!  J!!!!!!!!  We were lucky enough to get seats a few rows up from the dirt (we didn't have to look through the bars that keep the bull in the dirt and not in the stands!!!) and just around the corner from the chutes (where they let the bulls out of!).  We yelled, ate popcorn and took pictures (sorry, cheap camera, crappy, fuzzy, FUN pictures!) Friday night as we watched Cord McCoy (ranked #29 in the PBR) from OK, ride to 1st place for round one of the tournament.  Saturday night I brought in a t-shirt for my granddaughter (one I’d bought the night before) and asked Dakota Beck, (ranked #33 in the PBR) from Moses Lake, if he would sign it for her.  He was wonderful about it.  Then I asked Skeeter Kingsolver (ranked #55 in the PBR), from KS, if he would.  What a gentleman!  Kind, soft spoken (off the bull) he not only signed it, he got Brendon Clark (ranked #63 in the PBR), from Australia, to sign it, who got the next guy and the next guy!!!  WOW!  I think we left with nearly a dozen signatures!!!  Thanks guys!  You are all the best.  I’ve been watching those 4, plus many more, ride those nasty, snot blowin’ bulls for the past few years on TV!  Keep up the good work and stay safe!

Cord McCoy (Yes!  He is part, along with his brother, of the Amazing Race on TV) was the winner of the first round on Friday night.  While Brandon Clark took the weekend!  Way to go young man!  You and all the others are AMAZING!!!!

Here are a few FUZZY pictures from the event.  Sorry!  My camera wasn't made to take these, but a couple turned out fairly good. 

Dakota Beck from Moses Lake, WA

Dakota Beck

Cord McCoy from Oklahoma

Cord McCoy Friday evening

Brendon Clark - great form!

Brendon Clark from Australia

Brendon picking up his award!

Take a bow handsome!

Cord McCoy winning round one on Friday night. 
Sorry you are so fuzzy!

One of the bulls! 

The point here,,, hum???  Is there a point?  J  Yep!  I PROMISE to put pictures on tomorrow of the stuff I’ve been working on for Fresh Paint.  Let’s see ,,, how about:  some candle holders from old spoons?  Maybe some picture holders from forks or bulls eye with old hardware?  How about some hot glass blowers garbage turned into colorful see through pictures or fridge magnets?  Maybe a couple more funky necklaces (one with a piece of deer antler)?   How about some wind chimes from some of those 32 pounds of keys I got at the recycle center earlier this summer?   AND???  Stop by and check it out!

Well, I hope you drop by again and forgive me for taking way too long of a break!!!!  ‘Til tomorrow!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell

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