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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Janet Foley’s Fish and Fresh Paint Wind Chimes

Howdy!  Hey!  Ready to see some amazing glass and junk fish from Janet Foley???  I sure hope so!  BECAUSE ,,,, here they come!

Here's one of Janet's wonderful fish!!!! 

The skeleton and the eyes are made of recycled Stuff!!!!  The eye is made from the tops of beer, wine or pop bottles.  The body from electric ceramic parts and copper wire and pipe.

Another fish!  SCHWEET!!!

This eye came from a Coke bottle.  You can still see the writing that was on the bottle!!!

Now, do you remember those keys I found at the recycle center?  WELL!  Fresh Paint is a show that seems to sell those small, funky pieces of art for me.  SO!  Here’s a few wind chimes made from junk and those keys!!!

Rusted and keys!

A candle holder turned upside down.  The piece in the middle is the metal part of a ringer from an old telephone.  It has a wonderful sound when the keys bump up against it!

Mariner keys!

I wish this was a peace sign holding these Harley and skull keys!

The keys!  The guitar key is awesome!!!

An old garden shovel.

Lady bug keys.  What a great gift for the gardener!

HOT is where I was going here for the Huskies!

These are keys from a pay phone touch call pad.

Motorcycle license plate with Seahawk keys.

Motorcycle plate with Mariner keys!

A pair of old door knobs with girlie keys
and a chain necklace to hang it!  FUN!

After Fresh Paint is over,, we’ll have to talk about where to find CHEAP copper, steel and brass wire!!!

Thanks for looking at all the pictures.  Sorry they weren’t better.  I just needed to get out there quick, snap a few and get back to work.  I’m one of those who work their best under pressure!  I’d say waiting until the last week to get it in gear is working under pressure!!! J  If all goes well!  I’ll have some more pics tomorrow and then ,,,


I hope to see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 1 working day left before Fresh Paint!  EEEEEEEKKKKK!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell

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