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Friday, August 17, 2012

Load ‘Em Up & Move ‘Em Out!!!

 Okay!  So, it’s not a rodeo, but it feels like one.  It’s time to load up the old truck and find my booth!  YEEHAW!!!  I love this time of the show.  I’m all excited to get there and then when I do,,, YEP!  I get very nervous.  EEK!  It’s like,,, what am I doing here???  Is my work good enough???  Will any one like it???  Will any of it sell??? Is it going to rain?  HEY!  This is Washington!  EEK!  Then it’s what did I forget?  That’s the big one and yes!  I always, I mean ALWAYS forget something!!!  BUT!  That’s okay.  One of the main reasons for doing shows like Sorticulture and Fresh Paint is they are only 3 or 4 miles from my house.  It doesn’t get much better than that.

SO!  Here’s the last few pictures and blog info until after the show. 

"hey!  mom's lost it!!!"
That's one of my boxes full of goodies Macs is "resting" on!

A very old frame filled with hot glass globs and old bottles!  The recycled glass heart is from Bedrock Industries in Seattle.

From this angle you can see what I used.

Honestly, I wasn't sure if this would work out or not! 

Hang this in a sunny window and this is what you should see!!!

The box is made from 2 license plates and 3 pieces of wood!!!

I love this color in the garden!

Secrets of the Operator!

The pendant....

Close up of the key to the operator!

Vintage Operator button.

A safety pin, some coiled recycled steel wire, some recycled copper wire and a Key make up one side of the necklace!


I hope you enjoyed the pictures.  I haven’t taken the time to get better pictures!  SORRY!  I get a little crazy during the last couple days before a show.


I hope to see you there!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you want to come to the show and you are worried about a parking place, park at the Everpark Garage (it’s free on the weekends) on Hoyt and Hewitt, then take the bus.  If you buy some thing at the show, leave it there, get your car and come back to pick it up!  Easy, peasy!

Rumor has it Friday is supposed to be in the 90’s.  That’s stinkin’ hot for around here.  To me, that feels like 110 degrees in Yuma, AZ.  The great part about this show is we are right next to the bay.  I mean my booth will be, maybe, 30 feet from the water.  It’s cooler next to the bay!!!  Amy Duncan and Janet Foley are down the promenade from me and I’ll bet they can spit in the bay from their booths!  SCHWEET!  I mean being close!  Not spitting!  J

Talk to ya soon!!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell

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