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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Look What I Found This Time!!! PLUS an Ice Cream Topping Recipe

Sorry!  I have had a very full, fun week.  Earlier this week I got to go to an ice cream social.  HA!  When was the last time you got to go to one of those???  It was a hoot.  There were probably some 25 to 30 women there to eat ice cream, B.S. and listen to Jean Mann sing.  Oh man can she sing!  What a voice!!!  OH!  I told you I was going to let you know what ice cream topping I took! 


It's called ???  I don't know!  You just take one can of that german chocolate cake frosting.  You know,,, the one with coconuts and pecans in it.  OH YUM!  You melt one square, that's one ounce of UNsweetened chocolate in a medium size, microwavable bowl.  I put mine in the microwave on half power for 30 seconds.  Be careful, the bowl is extremely hot!  Well, mine was.  It's one of my grandma's old bowls.  You know, well before microwaving!  Then I stirred.  Did it again for 30 seconds and stirred again.  It was melted nearly all the way.  For me,,, close enough.  Just keep stirring and it will finish melting.  THEN ,,,  all you do is put that can of frosting into the melted chocolate and stir again.  Voila!!!  Instant ice cream topping that is SOOOOO good!!!  Give it a try.  Sorry I didn't get any pictures of it.  It's too easy though.  You can do it.  If not, let me know and I'll help!  I usually just put the mixture back in the can the frosting came in, pull off the paper wrapper, then write some thing fun on it with a fat permanent marker or 2 or 3 (all different colors) and maybe some stickers and a bow on top.  DONE and delish!!!

On Thursday I got to go in for a fantastic deep tissue massage from my friend Nancy.  She's the best.  I have this nasty little back problem.  Nancy knows just how to make it all better.  When she's done, I usually go home and crash for a couple hours and let her magic do its tricks.

Then Friday, my granddaughter came over and we went to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe, ALL DAY!  Damn I'm getting old!  We had a ball.  I'm sure we walked a minimum of 5 miles.  It was so much fun.  Yep!  We ate our way through the fair.  Is there any thing better than fair food?  HUH?  Oh come on.  If you are like me,,, I only get it every few years.  SO!  I eat it all.  YEP!  I had salmon, corn on the cob, frozen lemonade and a giant elephant ear,,, she made me share it!!!  Oh well.  It was so good!  I almost forgot the cotton candy.  YUM!  Pink and blue all in one.  We shared that too!  We even went on several rides. She threw a few balls and darts and won a turtle that she shared with JOY!  OOPS!  The fair was a ball!  WEEHAW!

Well, back to the real story!  Last week when Joy and I were out walking we found tons of goodies in the alley.  I mean, you could have filled a small house with what we found!  I mean 2 love seats, one full sized couch, one king size bed, 2 or 3 end tables, 3 or 4 chairs, an end table, a lamp, a couple TVs, lots of clothing, a few pots and pans, lots of scrap metal, an empty 5 gallon bucket (you'll see it later!), a small oak table (in need of a little repair that is now in my driveway), a shutter door (please don't look in my driveway), a car window (stop!  don't go back there!), a FAITH sign (don't trip over it!) and a cute little footstool (yes, it's in my driveway too!).  Like I said, we found tons of stuff!!!  Most of it was in pretty good shape.

SO!  Ready for a couple pictures????  Meeeeee tooooo!!!

Remember that picture of all the animals stacked on top of each other???  Well, this is the north Everett alley version! 

I'm always in need of an extra empty bucket around here.  When I'm working on metal, I put the scraps directly into one of these buckets.  Then when I'm ready to go to the metal recycle shop, it's ready to go with me.

This little table is in pretty good shape.  One leg needs some fixing at the joint.  That's pretty easy to do!

The scrap metal, under the table, I picked that up because I can use it later when I want to buy from the recycle shop.  I just take in my scraps, sell them, then use that money to help pay for what I'm buying and taking home.  That makes cents in my book. 

That sweet little footstool needs to be either a cat bed or a dog bed!  Soon!  Very soon!  I'm thinking it should go to the next show I'm in (I hope I'm in) Falala in December at the Schack Center.

I'm not sure which show this will go to.  Probably Falala. 

I love to find stuff like this.  It will go very cheap.  Some one will be happy!!!  It's in perfect shape too!

I use a lot of doors, shutters and windows in my art work and in my display set up.  This will come in very handy!

Did I mention the car window I found???  I'll tell you what I'm doing with it later! 

That my friends is a KEEPER!!!  I was told the other day I'm still getting this big kiln.  This windshield needs a make over!!!

OH!  And there were some great 2X4's in the alley too!  SCHWEET!!!


These 2X4's will come in very handy when I build the garden bench from the old Ford pick up tail gate.

As you can see I have a problem.  With my type of art comes certain needs.  Like that garden bench.  I need lots of wood for it.  SO!  You find as much of it as you can.  While doing that the pile grows and grows.  The car window.  It's just waiting for me to clean it, and clean it, and clean it some more!!!  Then it's ready for me to break it up and store it until it's time to melt it!  The table needs some repair, then some paint, then it's going to Sorticulture!  WELL!  That's 10 months away!  Storeage!!!  I never have enough storeage room!  It's the down side of my style of art.  BUT!  It's so much fun!!!!

SO!  Find any thing fun lately?  Gone to any fairs lately??  Did you eat every thing there too???  I sure hope so!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. Neat O.

    Wish I could find good free stuff like that.

    1. Hi! This was one lucky day! I couldn't believe all the goodies I found! I think in order to find these types of items,,, you have to be out there looking all the time. Joy and I wslk at least 10 times per week. That's about 14 miles. You can see where it would be easier for me to find some thing than some one who doesn't get the chance to be out there a lot. I sure appreciate you stopping by. I love to have fun and I hope some one else will see what's out there if you get that chance to walk around! Shelley