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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sending a Box??? Here’s An Idea For Cheap, Lightweight Filling

Hello!  How are ya???  I be just fine … thank you!!! 

HEY!  Have you ever gone to ship a package and you see what the price will be and you just can’t believe it???  I mean, come on!  The price of every thing has gone up so high its crazy!!!  WELL!  I don’t mean every thing!  I’m sure your pay check hasn’t kept up with the economy and the continuous rising cost of food, gas, etc.!!!  Okay, okay! 

I just sent a package to Minnesota and it had a couple picture frames in it.  The problem was,,, there was no backing behind the glass.  So, the pieces were extremely vulnerable to what ever wonderful, gentle care our nice post office employees would give this box.

SO!  Here’s a little trick I learned from an artist friend Kim Groff-Harrington.

SO!  First off!  Find a box that will be a little bit bigger than the contents you will “stuff” into it.  You need some room for filling.

In this case, I wrapped each picture frame with a few pieces of paper, put paper between them, and then wrapped them in quite a few layers of bubble wrap.


Then I slid that into the box.

As you can see, there’s room on the side and the top.

Next I took my secret filler !!!!!!!!! 

YEP!  That is an egg carton.

Think about those eggs for just a second or two.  The “farmer” puts his eggs inside that carton and then ships them to a store.  By the time that carton of eggs gets from the farmer to you, it’s been through a lot and has little to no breakage.  That’s pretty good.  It means ,,, your egg cartons are very sturdy.  They are also very light in weight. 

My box wasn’t empty enough to put the whole carton in. 

carton too big!!!

SO!  I tore the top off


placed it in the hole you see down the side of the box. 


Now, the top of the box is too small for the bottom of the egg carton to fit. 

SO!  I just tore off a couple of the “cups” the eggs sat in


and placed them into that hole. 



It needed a few pairs. 

I even threw in a little bit of the leftovers from the egg carton.

As you can see, the box is pretty full. 

Now, I just close the lid on the box and give it a easy little shake.  I want to feel and hear what the packaging and the box sound like.  Do you feel the contents of the box moving around?  If so, maybe you need a little more stuffing.  In my case, this was just the right amount. 

SO!  I sealed the box and weighed it. 

I like to write down the weight on the box.  I have this thing about forgetting stuff.  I can do that in a heart beat.  This step just saves me from having to weigh the box again ,,, and again ,,, and again ,,, and ,,, you get it.

For me, I like to use the post office.  They send me boxes and many other supplies for free.  I just go on line, sign in (it’s easy to register), click on the boxes and labels I want, then wait for them to show up at my house a couple days later.  SCHWEET!!!! 

After I have the box ready to send I go online at USPS.com.  I sign in first.  Then I follow the directions for sending a package.  They tell me what it will cost and then I can print the label.  After I print the label I tape it to the box.  It’s ready to go!!!  I get a discount for buying my postage online.  I like that too.  It’s not a lot.  BUT!  If you send a lot of boxes, it adds up quickly.  Then if I want I can schedule a pick up date.  YEP!  They will pick it up right at your door.  I usually don’t.  I just wait for the postman to come up the stairs and set off my alarm … JOY!  Yep, the dog barks the second someone steps onto the front porch.  Love that dog … OH!  Here’s a new picture of her and Juliet. 

Joy nursing Juliet.  She did this for Macs when he first came to the house too!  She's so sweet!


Juliet finally figured out why every time she gets up on the couch with Joy, Joy lifts her back leg.  Joy always wanted to be a momma and never got to be until Macs and Juliet showed up.

I hope this explains this simple fact:  eggs need strong, lightweight protection and so does the contents of your packages you ship!

If you have any questions just drop me a note.  I’ll help!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shelley


  1. brilliant idea! and glad you sold the garden bench at fresh paint- yea!

    1. Hi Amy!!! It's a fun, wonderful idea Kim showed me. It works great for odd shaped things that need to go in not odd shaped boxes!!! Talk to ya soon! Shell

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