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Monday, September 17, 2012

A Birdhouse and Blue Bottles – SCHWEET!!!

UPDATE 9-18-2013 - plans to make the basic bottle ladder are now available on Etsy - click to see.

Okay!  So, I have this GIANT mess of a back yard.  While going through things, I found sooooooooooooo many goodies I want to start playing with!



I OWE some one a piece of art!!!

What do you think?

ONLY!  This time I added a …


I used to make birdhouses all the time.  The only material I was working with at the time was wood.  I would make a birdhouse out of scrap, recycled wood and then “decorate” each one with a person or a yard in mind.  Through the years many people have received one or more of these little birdie coops and most of them have been lucky enough to get birds to nest there!  Lucky us!!!

FYI ,,,, most birds in my area do NOT use a perch on a birdhouse.  I’ve had numerous birds stay in the birdhouses I’ve kept in my yard and I’ve never seen a single bird use the perch.  They fly directly into the hole.  Some sit on the edge of the hole to look in or out of their house, but, never the perch.  SO, that is why this perch is fairly flat!  Maybe it's because I keep a lot of bent rebar in my gardens and they use that all the time for sitting on.

Part of an old door hinge makes a great perch.

The funky piece of metal over the hole was some thing I found a while back while Joy and I were walking through the alley.  I love finds like this one.  I thought about using it in a piece of jewelry.  It’s heavy.  BUT!  I think a necklace would have been a lot of fun with that.

I do love rust and metal!!!!

The piece at the roof line was a find over in Eastern Washington last spring.

The spoon was added to use as a perch, but, I was hoping it would catch some rain water and the birds would have some water near by. 

The license plates will make the birdhouse too warm.  The reason I added those is because I wasn’t too sure about adding a birdhouse on top of the ladder.  I am not really sure I want to attract birds to this piece.  Reason?  I wasn’t sure how much bird poop would end up on the bottles.  This is a test piece to see how that goes.  I’m sure Nancy will tell me by next year when it’s time to make more for Sorticulture.  Please Nancy!!!

What do you think of the birdhouse on top?   Do you remember the 2 pieces I made for Sorticulture? 

Tell me, PLEASE!!!  Which do you like the best?  Can you think of some thing else that would be fun to try up there???  I was even thinking some thing as simple as a number 1 or a single letter.

Hope you like this one!!!  I’m hoping to post more etsy goodies this week.  PLUS!  If I get off my butt!  I’ll show you a cat house I’m working on.  It started off as a foot stool I found in the alley!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shelley


  1. I like your bottle idea. I'm a glass junkie.

    That's a neat bird house. Cool idea to use a spoon to catch water.

    1. Thank you so much! Glass is wonderful isn't it! All that color and sparkle! I do love birdhouses. Thanks so much for your comments! Have a great week! Shell