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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ETSY and the Alley Rat!

Hey ya'all!  How's it going???  I have to tell you a story about my neighbor.  The one who almost got a black eye!!!

The turkey!  Joy and I are walking down the alley and a neighbor says "Hey Alley Rat, how's it going?".  NO!  I didn't hit him.  Although, I really wanted to for a few seconds.  I just cocked an eye brow and said "Pardon me!".  He just laughed.  He said he thinks of alley rats when he sees us walking down the road with our bags full.  Kind of funny?  Sure.  Okay.

SO!  This alley rat finally put 2 whole items on ETSY.  I'll list more things as the weekend approaches.  I used to do a lot of stuff on eBay.  I forgot how time consuming this is.  I'm going to clean out my closets and try starting fresh.  It's a type of fall cleaning for my brain.  If I clean out the closets of stuff that I am finished using or I just don't need any more, it gives me room to find more.  Then my brain gets to go back to work making art with new parts and start fresh.  Make sense?  HUH!  Maybe!  :)

Here's a couple quick pictures of what I've listed. 

Brass Tags

Set of 8 great metal letters.

So!  Do me a favor and check out my etsy page every once in a while.  I have tons to let go, it just takes time.  The first 2 are experiments in listing.  It's a way to see how many mistakes I can make ... tee hee hee!!!

When you try to look me up you'll need to look up SHELLEYHOLM as a shop name.  From The Alley To The Gallery is just too long for them.  OOPS!  I'm going to put the word ART PARTS in the title of a lot of my listings.  Hope to see you there.

I'll try to remember to put pictures of what's new in my etsy shop on the right hand side of this page.  Look just above Joy and you'll find links to those items.  Just click on the picture and it should take you right to that sale.  THANKS!!!

If there is any thing you see on my blog you are interested in buying, just ask.  We might be able to make that happen!!!

OKAY!  Time to do some thing, even if it's wrong! 

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

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