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Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Latest Alley Find!

Check these little babies out! 

What do you mean what are they?  Hahaha!  These are the grates that go over your floor or against the wall where the heat comes out of your furnace. 



When you adjust the amount of heat you want coming through,,, these flaps open or close.

Side View.

First realize, to me, they are garden art.  Second, they are metal scrap for recycling.  There’s no way I can lose bringing these home.

So!  What to do first???  Tear them apart!  YAY!  My favorite part of any project!  4 screws are all that keep these guys together.  Easy!

Very Nice!

See the silver paint?  I'm hoping by next May that will be rust!

Second, throw the scrap and screws in the bucket designated to go to the recycle center just down the road.

The scrap plus the tools I used to tear these apart. 
Several of the screws were rusted on. 

Third, throw one of them in the grass to get an idea of what these will look like in a garden.  I’d plant them with some low growing moss or herb.  FUN!

I just threw this on the ground to get a look at it.   FUN!!!

See the grass coming through the grate?

Imagine miniature flowers like daffodils coming through here!  How about moss?  Maybe some wheat grass for your cat? 
Oh the ideas!!!

That’s a fun, sweet, fast find!  These sweet babies will go to Sorticulture next year.  Some lucky person or people will get a funky piece(s) for their garden at a very reasonable, OKAY!  Cheap price!

Have you found any thing lately that’s fun to tear apart? 

I just love that part.  Why?  I can see how it’s put together.  I can also see the whole piece differently when it’s in parts.  Some times the piece never goes back together.  Some times the parts show me they need to be made into some thing else!  SCHWEET!!!

Hope you enjoyed it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a great week!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shelley


  1. You sound like me. The wheels are aways turning when I see something. What can I do with that, what can I make.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished projects.

  2. Too funny! Can you smell the smoke too??? This is probably as far as I will take these. Sorticulture is a garden show where people want different things, items they can't find any where else. BUT! Most people won't spend a lot of money there. So, this is one of the odd items they can buy at a cheap price, but, they have to finish it themselves. They could buy these brand new, but, they want that crustic and craptastic look about them. Hopefully, this will fit the bill! Thanks! Shell