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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Alley Finds and Cash For My Aluminum Cans

Hi guys!  WELL!!!  First let me say, WOW!  Okay!  Now I feel better.   Joy and I have had a great week so far. 

Look what we found in the alley!!!

Sweet little red metal folding chair.  It's just waiting for my plasma cutter to cut a design in the back and the seat.

The outhouse sign?  YEP!  I have an outhouse in my back yard.  My stepfather made it for me and I put garden tools in it.  There's room, as there is no seat inside!  You might call it a no-holer!

Joy and I also found this sweet little table that is in excellent shape and a great shade of yellow!!!

Joy helping me out!  I think she carried one end of the table!  :) 

This color isn't very good.  The first picture is the real color.

Under her skirt.

We had some luck finding both of those pieces!!!  They will be at Sorticulture! 

Today, Joy and I took a FULL

I'm not very good at smashing them!   :)'

30 gallon trash bag of smashed pop and beer cans to the metal recycler. 

I can just barely tie this!



They were kind enough to send me home with .... 

Wait for it!!!!




$12!!!  Okay!  So, some of you don't think $12 is a big deal.  BUT!  Here's the real deal.......

Joy, the wonder dog, and I go walking every day and I constantly see aluminum cans every where.  They just sit there waiting for some one to make a little money from them. 

There is a father and daughter (team?) who come by once a week and pick them up.  They usually have 30 gallon bags full and they can just barely carry all the cans they get.  Well, they never pick them up on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings and Wednesday around my neighborhood is garbage day.  Lately I've noticed no one is picking up the cans at all. 

So, Joy and I (Hey!  Joy made me do it!  LOL!) decided to try picking them up on just Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.  EEK! 

We usually walk around 12 to 15 blocks, 1 to 1 1/2 miles.  Tuesday night we only got 1 block from our house and had to take 6 plastic grocery bags back home and start over!  SO!  We walked 4 blocks from home, because that's where I've seen most of the cans,  and started picking them up and walking towards home.  WELL!  We got 2 blocks and had to bring home 7 or 8 plastic grocery bags full.  I wasn't smart enough yet to bring bigger bags!  We brought those home and walked back to where we had left off.  We finished, tossed them in the back yard and we both crashed (after washing my hands 2 times!).  It was messy and fun.  I got more exercise bending over and over and over and over and,,,, you get it.  Less walking?  BARELY!  

Now that was only Tuesday night and only 1/4 of our normal walk!  SO!  Wednesday morning we set off in a different direction.  We only went 2 blocks and had a total of 10 plastic grocery bags full.  That was enough for us.  I spent about 1/2 hour smashing the cans with both cats on harnesses and leashes chasing the cans around!!!  That was a riot!  Joy was busy chasing the squirrels up a tree and not letting them down.  What a goofy day!

That was last week.  This week we tried again.  Only this time we went out way too early Tuesday night and most of the cans weren't out yet.  SO!  We tried one more time later and still only caught a few in those same 6 blocks.

We were going to leave early this morning to see how many we could find and I goofed!  I answered the phone.  30 minutes later we left and the garbage man chased us down the road in his truck.  It was fun!  We only went 2 blocks and still managed to bring home 5 plastic bags full.

Now, between those 4 days we filled that garbage bag and they paid us $12 for it.  Not bad for just a little work and a lot of exercise!!!  I honestly don't know if I can walk down the street carrying several 30 gallon trash bags filled with cans and walk the dog at the same time.  I'm not even sure if I want to do that.  I do know, I'm going to find the 2 people who were doing it before and see if they still are.  If they are, I'll only do this close to home and only on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning.  If they are not doing it any more.  I might just think about doing the full 1 1/2 mile route we walk.  There's a lot of money to be made with a little hard work and a lot of exercise.  I know I could use both!!!

Hope you got a kick out of our walks and cans!!!  We had fun and that's what life is all about!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shelley


  1. We've been saving all our cans. I took them to recycle and was surprised by the $15 bucks I made. Mine were not squished. Next time, I'll stomp on them.

    1. Hi! Don't stomp on them unless they make you. One place here does, one place doesn't. I did it just to see how long it takes and it was easier to haul it all in one bag. Next time, I won't! It takes time. Do it the easy way and haul them in as you get them. :) Shell

  2. p.s., cool finds! forgot to say that

    also this is Ramona, The Japanese Redneck. Forgot and was signed into my horse show account.