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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Recycle Center, the Pickup, the Girl … A Love Story!


It is too!!!! 

I’m totally in love with my neighborhood metal recycle center!  What can I say?  They bring in the coolest stuff.  Well, coolest, broken stuff for me to bring drag home!!!!

I was in there the other day and hung out for a while, chatting with the workers and a few of the people who brought in their metal to sell.  I had a ball.  Most of these people are the nicest you will ever meet!!!

After a while, we’re only talking 30 minutes or so, I was done and ready to leave when I remembered there was a “new” truck in where the vehicles go to death row.  J  CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH!!!!  SQUISH, SQUISH, SQUISH!!!


There it was!!! 


I’m not kidding! 
The front and the cut off fenders!

The truck of my dreams!!! 

What a mess.  She looks like a beast now, but, she could be a real beauty in your garden!




I really mean dreams too.  It’s that nasty, vintage, crustic truck that you just have to have in the middle of a nice sized garden. 

In my dreams, this truck has tons and tons of flowers.  The hood on the truck is raised and the flowers are spilling out all over the rest of the garden.  Both fenders have holes in them where a shallow fused glass bowl sits and it’s filled with sugar water for the butterflies!   The cab is filled with wild grasses that wave when the wind blows.  On top of the cab is a small windmill and its turning as the wind teases its blades.  The truck bed is full of climbing, flowering vines that are spilling out of the bed or growing up and over the cab.  There are at least 6 bird houses of different heights coming out of the bed of flowers.  Each house is a different color and style and has old brass spikes coming out of their posts for the vines to grow up.  There are these bent pieces of wavy rebar sticking out from the end of the truck bed.  They are bent so they go out past the bed of the truck and the vines can grow on those too.  It looks like the truck is driving down the road and the vines are blowing in the wind!   

OH MY!!! 

It has blown glass headlights, fused glass windows all around the cab and stained glass tail lights.  The outside mirrors are mosaiced with funky, old coffee mugs attached at the bottoms.   The mug on the driver’s side is full of bird seed.  The mug on the passenger’s side is full of water.  Then there’s this long line up of birds just waiting to get to both.   The birds are all over the truck singing about how happy they are to have such a wonderful place to vacation.

Think of all the butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies, bees, birds and small animals this would bring in!!!  Oh what fun!  I do love making garden art and this truck is a winner!!!!



I have no way to get this truck home.   AND, what made me KNOW I had to leave it ,,,,,, the front bumpers have been cut off!  DARN!  Oh ,,, wait!  Thank goodness! 


SO!  I brought home the seat. 

Yes I did! 


It’s awesome,,, it’s amazing,,, it’s craptastic!!!

Don't you just love springs and burlap???

This would make a great business card!

It will take just a short time to remove the old upholstery and batting.  The burlap I will leave in there.  Then I’ll make new sides for it with some type of metal hardware cloth.  I’ll also make a new bottom for it from probably the same thing.  I’ll “sew” them together with wire. 


I’ll plant the bottom with moss and vines.  What I want them to do is climb up the back and become one permanent, perennial flower garden.  You’ll just drop it into your garden where ever you would like it and you are done!  SCHWEET!!!

I do love to make garden art.  It is, by far, my favorite subject to make.

I hope you enjoyed this funky little piece and my idea of a fun piece of garden art.  Watch for the finished piece in May or June of 2013.  This will be at the garden show called Sorticulture. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shelley