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Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to Shop or Sell at a Metal Recycler - PART 2

Hi ya all!

About a month ago I showed you how to sell your metal at metal recycle centers.  This time, let me show you how to buy metals from those same places.

Today, I’m going to take you on a picture tour of a metal recycle shop to show you what to look for, how to buy and where the deals are.


Joy and I had a ball today.  She got to ride in the truck and I got the check, the copper and the brass!!! 


I will even show you the check we got for the metals we took in.


First, Joy and I are off to sell some of the metal we’ve found in our alleys lately. 

Those 3 garbage bags are full of aluminum cans. 
Pop, beer, energy drinks and kitty food cans!

We want to sell them stuff first.   Then we want to use “their” money to buy metal you can’t find just any where.

Jump in!  We're off!!!

OKAY!  Are you ready to see how we did???  This is why Joy and I pick up this crap!!!

See that $77.70????

On the left side of the receipt you will see what kind of metal we brought to them, how much it weighed and what they pay per pound.  On the right side you will see how much they paid us in total.  On the bottom right is the total amount for the scrap we brought in!!!!  Oh how nice!

See why Joy and I pick up the metal we see?  Notice the 3 bags of pop and beer cans turned into $22!  That took us only 4 days and only 5 to 6 blocks each day to pick up!!!  SCHWEET!


NOW!  It’s time to spend some of this money! 

Any time you go to a scrap metal yard check with the personnel in the office to see where you are allowed to walk around.   Due to safety issues, you may not be allowed to roam the whole property.  If you go often enough and show good common sense while there, they may choose to let you go farther and farther until you can walk the entire property.  Please be careful there are many dangerous items for you to bump into and instantly getting a very deep cut!  There are items you can step on and it will go through your shoes like a nail or some thing MUCH larger and sharper.  There are things you can step on, slip, fall and do some serious damage to any part of your body! 

In other words:  Watch where you go!

First, let’s look into the monster pile of scrap steel.  You never know what you’ll find in here.   


Ready?           Set?                  SHOP!

Need any mattress springs???  If you cut those off, then paid for them.  All those springs MIGHT cost you $1!!!!

Think texture plates to use in mixed media or clay projects!!!  All of those might cost $2!!!

Need a boat???  Maybe some tires?  Those bins are full of the garbage that people "sell" them with their scrap!!!  Not nice!

This mess belonged to a metal artist!  I happen to know he does some great work!  You can see pieces of it.  Let's get a closer look.

Can you see some of the stuff now?  Let me just say,,, it cost me a few bucks that day.  I filled a 5 gallon bucket with his scraps.  OUCH!  Oh but what fun these will be enameled! 

Circle A is a nice spool of steel wire, 18 or 20 gauge. 
Cost? $2! 
Circle B is a wonderful role of plumbers tape. 
Cost?  <$1!

Now, let’s look where people first bring in their aluminum, copper, brass, small motors and any thing else that isn’t considered "scrap" metal.

This is a picture of 4 different bins.  Each has it's own type of brass or copper.  These will be sorted into larger bins later.

One of my favorite bins!

Once the small bins are full or there’s spare time, the guys take things apart and place every thing brass and copper into very large bins (these are hauled away by freight after they are full).  They do the same with motors, radiators and many, many other parts.  But, we are going to stick to brass and copper.  YUM!!!

Brass goodies!

DROOL!!!  Nothing but copper wire! 

Some of the patinas are out of this world!

Scrap copper tubing, pipe and wire.

Here are some bundles of fairly straight wire.  Notice all the different gauges?  And just look at that color!  YUM!

OKAY!  So I had to bring some home.   

A little copper, a little brass!

The 2 netted pieces?  Those are called socks!  These came in on some CATV wire.  You put them on the ends of cables, then hook up a rope to the loop on the left end and pull.  These work like those Chinese finger torcher things.  You pull, the wire gets tighter. 

Wants to go to Sorticulture as the center of a very large flower. It's brass and it's heavy!

This wanted to come home and become jewelry.  Think charms!  Look at all those butterflies that want to fly on a piece of chain.

Pretty!  Brass!

There are 12 of these.  This whole piece cost me 41 cents!  That's less than 4 cents per butterfly!  PLUS!  The rest becomes SCRAP!

Steel pikes.  These will be great on a bottle tree! 
Cost: 2 cents each spike!

I didn't buy much this time.  BUT!  We had a ball.  We made $77 then spent $24!!!  SCHWEET!

Coming next???   How much did that copper I just bought actually cost per foot???  You will be surprised and looking hard to find a metal recycler close to you!!!

Do you ever go shopping for metals???   Have you found a place that gives you a fair price?  If so, wanna share it with the rest of the world so they might get in on some better buying???  I hope so!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shelley



  1. Neat stuff!!!!
    Love to do this, but don't think ours lets you rummage.

  2. Hi! ASK! You never know. I find so many great things there. Good luck! Shell