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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

May My Fence R.I.P.

Hi guys!  My poor fence is so old and warn out it finally tried to fall over!  This poor thing is over 20 years old and the way it was put up ,,, well, let's just say the fence builder blew it.  AND!  Now the wind blew it ,,, nearly over!!!  :)

SO!  To get ready to put a new fence up I had to clean out the yard.....!!!!  HELP!  What a mess. 

I'm one of those people who like to do things just once.  SO!  When it comes to a job like this,,, I can't just move some thing out of the way.  I need to clean it, sort it, fix it, then move it.  What a job. 

Because I love to make art with metal and wood - all recycled - I have tons of it laying around in ,,, piles!  By this I mean, if I was in a hurry when I brought it home,,, well, it's still where ever I "threw" it.  Unless of course I used it or tried to use it in some thing I was making.

EEK!  What a mess.  While cleaning, sorting and moving things I found so many things I thought you might like to see.  SO!  Here's a hand full of "crap" from my back yard!!!

Have fun!!!

Yes, all of my panels of old fencing will be in my ... YEP! back yard ... hoping to become a piece of garden art in the near future!

My back yard might be messy!   BUT!   I LOVE IT!!!

A friend said "It's like Disney Land for artists!" 

Hope you enjoyed checking out the crusty stuff.

Do you have stuff like this in your yard???

Did you recognize many of the pictures???  What was that thing, huh???

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. I love that spiked ball. Lots and lots of really neat things.

    I can see all kinds of projects in those things.