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Sunday, December 23, 2012

A New Gallery and Some Thing for My Neighbor!

Okay!  So you can plainly see that for the past few weeks I haven’t been online much.  Reason???  One show, Christmas presents to make and an ancient computer!   Sorry!  I promise to be better at it soon!

First, let me tell you about the show called Falala! 

It was fun and is worth trying one more time.  We didn’t get a lot of people through the door.  BUT!  The ones who came were wonderful.  Thank you … ALL of you!  It was fun, kind of loud … OK!  I was kind of loud … at times!  J  I had a ball.  I love making art and I love seeing people even more.  I had a hoot!  I hope all of you did too!!!

What sold???  Earrings!  Bracelets!  License plate key rings!  Trophy wine bottle stoppers and more!!! 

What made me the happiest??? 

Selling most of the jewelry I made by pounding out scrap metals!!!  That made me happy!  I have Fanciful Devices to thank … mostly. Some times I want to make things and I'm not sure if they are too "out" there.  I found her website and Etsy site a long time ago.  But, one day she made these earrings that were just too far out there and I fell in love.  Now, I really like jewelry, any kind of jewelry.  BUT!!!!  I love jewelry that is different and hand made.  Please!  PLEASE!  Don’t get me any of that made in China stuff!  I’m sorry.  I just don’t like to see stuff imported here that can be made here.  The saying “buy local” is important to me.  I hope you understand why and feel the same way.

Please check out Fanciful Devices.  She’s amazing and a true leader in her field.  I bought her tutorial on how to make bangle bracelets.  Now, it doesn’t look hard to do.  BUT!  I tried and tried and they were good, just not good enough for me.  SO!  After I read her tutorial I regrouped and my bangles were a hit at the show and a hit during my family Christmas get together on the 22nd.

THEN!!!  Saturday evening at Falala a friend told me about a new gallery in town.  And what should happen next???  Sunday morning I received an email from another friend telling me they were talking about my art in another downtown gallery, Wise Designz, and she wanted me to know about this same new gallery.  They were looking for a recycle artist.  She was kind enough to give me information on the shops owner and its business hours.  SO!  I checked it out! 

Now, I’m in the door of this new gallery and it’s called We Do Art.  It’s at 5612 Evergreen Way here in Everett.  The owner of the gallery’s name is Beth and her partner in this business is Joy.  Her husband owns the building and the tavern called the White Buffalo that’s on the south end of that building.  It’s a hopping place with tons of energy.  I’m not big on bars, but I can see this is a place I could hang out.  The people are fun, up beat and the food looks great.  Rumor has it the pizza is wonderful.  YUM! 

Friday and Saturday I went back and started bringing in some of my art.  Right now there’s a nice selection of:

* Earrings and leather cuffs I’ve made.
* Wood boxes with stuff on them made into shelves! 
* Wood boxes made from 2 license plates that can hold any thing inside or outside.
* My picture holders made of forks. 
* Crosses made from old mattresses springs.
* Clip boards made from license plates.
* Key chains made from license plates and golf parts.
* 1 large, funky clock made from a corbel, small ice cream tasting spoons and a funky copper pitcher.
* 3 wine racks. 

If you like wine and you like my art style, you’ll love these wine holders.  One can sit on the floor or table top.  The other 2 are mounted on the wall and lean at an angle.  One has a clock on it too!   

Here's a couple pictures of my corner of the gallery.  It'll change soon, but, we wanted to get some goodies in there before the end of the year!

All of this is left over from Falala. 
I promise to make new stuff very soon!

Stop on by and say HI to Beth.  Then check out my stuff and every one else’s.  There’s a wide variety of goodies to see!  Make sure you check out my bud ... Roxy Gesler!!!

Ask to see the turkey legs!!!  They are fun and were selling like crazy on Friday!


For several years one of my neighbors used to walk by with his little dog.  A few years ago he turned 92 and I was given an invitation to his birthday party and in that invite was a picture of him at around age 2.  Sorry to say, he passed away about a year ago.  After the funeral I took that picture and made it into a large charm for his daughter.  One you could hang on any thing ,,, like a Christmas tree.   I think I made 2 or 3 of them for her.  Well, she asked if I’d make some for her kids and here’s a couple pictures of what she got!!!

Just in time for Christmas!

Isn't he just as cute as can be?

The back.

I miss you Bud!!!

Well, I hope all is going well and you are as ready as can be for the holidays.  Have a good time and be safe!!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shelley


  1. OMG Shelley! I love that ornament! What an absolutely brilliant idea. If I sent you a photo would you do something similar for me?

  2. Hi Alison! Thanks! It was fun and she loves them. Drop me an email and we'll talk about it. I'm thinking we can do that! Merry Christmas! Shelley fromthealleytothegallery@frontier.com

  3. I love your ideas and creativity! Good luck on the new booth!!!