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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What is FALALA???


Well, it's getting close to Christmas!  Are you even close to ready??? 

When my kids were little I was usually close to done shopping by now and all the decorations were up.  EEK!  Those were the days.  NOW!  HA!  It takes me until 2 minutes before Christmas is here to be ready!  WHY???  Easy, there are no kids around here now.   So I don't have to figure out how to hide their presents and how to shop while they aren't around so they can catch me.  I sure do miss those days.

This year I am going to go to a last minute holiday gift show.  This show is called FALALA!  This show will be at the Schack art gallery on Hoyt, between Hewitt and Wall streets Friday and Saturday, December 14th (10am - 6pm) and 15th (10am - 7pm).  I sure hope if you are in the area you stop in.  Last year was this shows first year and it was a good show with great artists, but it just didn't seem to draw people in,,, well, until wine time Friday evening.  Then lots of people showed up, drank, chatted with friends and on their cell phones, then left.  OOPS!!! 

My real art skills lie in garden art.  For me, I can think of some thing I'd like to see in a garden and make it.  When it comes to a show like this,,, well, garden art just won't sell much.  I am not one of those who makes stuff just to make it.  I make it so people can enjoy it.  If that won't sell much at a show like this, why make it?  Save those for a garden show,,, say Sorticulture???  YEP!!!   SO!  I'm going to make some jewelry.  I did some for Fresh Paint back in August and it sold very well.  So, yep, here I go again.  I love a challenge and making some thing that just isn't comfortable for me is just that!  A big challenge. 

I just got started!  I'll have more than just jewelry.  I just finished making a bunch of tree garlands, well, you can use these any where.... but, I thought these would be fun around a tree.  They can take the place of some of those strings of popcorn or what ever you put around your tree.

tree garland???

garland for wall???

I'm also making some of the license plate hangings that people enjoy,

some key chains from license plates, some fused glass magnets from scrap hot glass the glass blowers use,  some wine bottle stoppers from trophies.  

Here's a few of the stoppers.  There's also a horse!!!

A few of the trophies paint jobs were BAD!!!  So, I helped them.

A couple other things will be candle holders from old fence boards and old silverware,  some old boxes turned into shelves for your walls, maybe some driftwood and recycled glass hangings.  We'll see as time gets closer and closer to the show.  I am one of those who works their best in the last minutes and I know I'm down to minutes to finish this stuff!!!

I'll try to post a few pictures between then and now so you get a better picture of what will be there. 

Click on this sentence to go to the Schack's website for a list of artists attending this show.

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. I love your creativity!

    I started keeping license plates, but how in the world do cut them out so perfect?

    Great job and good luck.

    1. Hi! The license plates,,, I cut them with tin snips or an old paper cutter like we used in school. Then I give them a quick sand with a belt sander. They are far from perfect though. They look funky when you see them close up,,, but, great in a photo! Thanks! Shell

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Can't wait to have company :)!!! I'll bring the cookies! Shell