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Friday, January 4, 2013

I Found a Great New Place For Pizza!!!

Hi guys! 

I know! 

I'm supposed to be working on art and finding great crap in the alley!  BUT!  Hey!  I'm also hungry now and then. 

2 weeks ago I started putting some art in a new gallery called We Do Art at 5612 Evergreen Way .

At the end of this building is a saloon called the White Buffalo.  Now, rumor had it they made great pizza. 

YES!  I went to try it. 

I sat at the bar around 12:30 in the afternoon on New Years Eve day.  I ordered a medium cheese pizza, drank pop and worked on a list of  what I'm making for this new gallery and the garden show Sorticulture that's in June here in Everett.

WELL!  The pizza ,,,, AWESOME!!!  If you know me at all, you know I'm very picky about food.  Picky as in ,,, it has to taste great and be fresh!  If it's good,,, ok!  If it's awesome ,,,, YAY!!!!  All the better to eat it by!  :)

My pizza - plain cheese.  I love a great cheesy pizza once in a while.  This pizza was thin crust.  Not like a skinny, cracker crust.  It was a nice yeasty crust that was thick enough you knew it was there, but thin enough you didn't have to taste only the "bread".  The sauce was a little on the garlicky side.  PERFECT!!!  I didn't have to think the sauce was only tomato sauce.  It had a nice mild flavor of spices and a little tomato.  The cheese was sooooooo cheesy!!!!  It was stringy, buttery, nutty and YUMMY!  It was about as perfect a pizza as I can order.

I picked up their menu and it has quite a few items on it.   They have a nice selection of sandwiches, pizza, appetizers, salads, beer, a full bar and wine,,, MY FAVORITE BRAND wine,,, 14 Hands!  YUMMY!!! 

They have 5 TVs throughout the good sized rooms, video games, 4 pool tables, those pull tabs so many people like and even an ATM.

You can park out front or in the back.  Most will find it easier to park out back and walk in the back door.

Stop by and give them a try.  Then stop by the art gallery next door, click to get store hours.  I'm going in for the super nachos next!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell