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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Look What I Found On The Road!

Hi guys!

Check this out!

I kid you not when I say I'm just drivin' down the road,,, minding my own business when what do my little ol' eyes see???

Why a bed of course!   What kind of bed you ask???  WELL!  EEK!  (insert SQUEAL right here!!!)  I got so stinkin' lucky on this one!!!!  I found a

Don't you love the hearts??? 

Behind it are the springs for the bed and trundle.

This was propped up against a stop sign.  The house on that corner had the back door open.  I walked toward it and a young man stuck his head out.  I asked if it was his and he said no.  I just smiled, said thanks and loaded it into my truck!!! 

It has all the hardware needed to put it together.  BUT!  I believe some one dropped this while moving.  Maybe off a truck???  Then they broke one place on the springs that is very important to the structure of this bed.  YEP!  I can weld it back together.  BUT!  I couldn't let someone have this in case some thing went wrong.  I'd feel terrible if someone got hurt because of some thing that I tried to fix and failed.  SO!  This one is headed for the scrap pile ,,,,  WELL!  Except for these ....


The finials will be used in a garden art piece.  Of course!!!

Hope you like my find!!! 

Have you found any thing lately???  Let me know what you found!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A New Alley Find Before and After, Coffee Kitty and Bull Riding!

Hi guys!

Look what I found!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Window frame from a house 2 blocks away.

Joy and I walked by this “thing” 2 times and I kept thinking,,, bring it home.  BUT!  Where do you draw the line???  How much “crap” is too much???

I mean!  Just because I find it ,,, it doesn’t mean I have to bring it home! 

Does it???

(insert chuckle!) Why YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Okay,,, nearly every thing.

SO!  Here’s what it looks like now!  Sorry the pictures aren’t better!

Nearly done,,, but I don't like it!!!

Curtain tie backs from 3 old necklaces.

The curtain rod is an old electrical cord from a waffle maker or fry skillet.  Supporting that rod is an electric throw switch.  Then there's red hooks for the tie backs. 


I didn't like the way the curtains were so heavy.  So thick!  So I went into the house to make a cup of coffee and think about what was going to happen when I cut up those wonderful burlap coffee bags.  I opened the cupboard door, got the water boiling for my coffee pour over and I looked up to grab the coffee and here's what I saw!!!

Macsimuskittius Turdiusbirdius is in my cupboard!  EEK! 
Shame shame Mr. Kitty!

He's into every SINGLE thing I own!  Hence his name.


Here's what it looks like after I placed the old license plate where I wanted it, cut the bags down and restrung the tie backs.  Sorry!  Pictures aren't great again.  Must be the light!  tee hee hee!!!

Waiting to be hung on the wall!
Yes!  This cupboard is for sale!!!

Reminds me of fuzzy dice hanging over the rear view mirror in a car!

You can just see the wall mounts I put on the back.

After we dropped this off we went to spend 2 nights in Monroe to watch some cowboys and bulls!  The bulls won ,,, but we had a ball!!!  Thanks Buzz Inn for all your hard work and putting on an affordable and wonderful evening for many, many families!!!

Sorry!  Fuzzy!!! 

I was just accepted into a show coming up in Marysville on Saturday April 13!  It's called Spring Craft and Garden Show and it's at the water tower on State Street.  It runs 10am to 4pm and I'll be the one hiding under my tent trying to stay dry!  :)  I'm bringing Sorticulture style art!  Think garden!!!!!  I'll tell you more as we go!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shelley

Monday, February 18, 2013

Meet Boo Boo!

Hi guys!

Do you remember the Band-Aid can I found a while back???


Well,,,, here it is now!


Sorry the pics are so dark.  This was 2pm on a semi :) sunny day here in Ever-wet, Washington!

Side View

inside and the lid

This is what I like to do more than any thing else.  Take some thing simple and turn it into some thing different, useable AND FUN!!!

Boo Boo is available at We Do Art and is listed on Etsy!  First one to find it and buy it ,,, gets it!  :)  Just $25.00.

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wine Tasting, Saturday Feb. 16th

Hi Guys!!!!

If you are in the Everett, WA area this weekend,,, it's time for the Everett Art Walk.  It runs all over Everett and if you click on Everett Art Walk you'll come to a website page with the participating businesses on it!!!!  PLEASE CLICK!!!  :)

I will be at We Do Art for their wine tasting around 5 pm.  YEP!  Just like last month.  ONLY!  I "shouldn't" be late this time.  Last month about 3pm I got a bug, went to the garage, started a project and nearly forgot to go!!!!  I was only 15ish minutes late! Not too bad!  OH!  And, YES, I did get the project done!!!!  :)

I have several new pieces of art and jewelry in there!!!!

Hope to see you there!!!! 

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!!!!  

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A New Place to Find Bezels


Do you remember the trophies I tore apart to make wine bottle stoppers out of???  If not, click on this sentence to see them.

I have to tell you what I found when I tore apart those old trophies.


I'm thinking jewelry bezels and RESIN!!!

Let me show you what I did to get these.

First find a trophy or two.

I love the bikes!!!

Next, find a couple tools.   A socket set works easiest, but a simple pair of needle nose pliers will work too!  Which ever one you want to use,,, go for it.

Needle nose pliers and 2 sets of sockets.  The difference in sockets is the bottom set has smaller sockets than the top set.

Now look at the bottom of your trophy.  Nearly every trophy out there looks like this.  Some might have felt over it.  If so, take off the felt first.

The 2 nuts on the bottom are screwed onto the rods that hold up the 2 pieces of this trophy.

This is a 7/16 inch socket.  Place it over the nut and crank.

How to use the needle nose pliers.

Close up.  Squeeze tight, then turn.  Not quite as easy as the socket.  BUT!  Don't go buy a socket set if this is the only thing you would use it for.  It's not necessary.  The pliers work good enough.

These are the parts from the 2 trophies I took apart.

These are the parts I will reuse.

Looks like a bezel to me!!!

On the flat side, put a piece of tape over the hole. 
Then fill with stuff and resin! 


These are going to be fun to use!  It'll be a while before I get to them.  You see I just got accepted into a show in April in Marysville, WA.  I'll be making mostly garden art, but, I'll bring some jewelry and some ????  I won't know until I get to making things.  I'll tell you more as the date gets closer!  Between now and then I'm still making things for the gallery We Do Art here in Everett.  If you get a chance stop by.  It's fun.

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Friday, February 8, 2013

New Alley Find

OKay!  So, Joy and I are walking along like always and I spot it!


My next treasure! 

It's old and wonderful and it's right there!  In a metal recycle container!

YAY!!!!  It's all mine!  SCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I take it home, clean it all up and I'm wondering just how old this is.

CRAP!!!  I never buy band aids!   On the box it shows a website address.  OOPS!  SURPRISE! 

It's okay though.  It's still a wonderful can and it's about to become a clock!!!!!  I'll show it to you soon.

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Goodies I Listed on Etsy

Hi guys!

Just a quick hello and a picture of some fun keys I just listed on Etsy!

Aren't those just fun!!!!  I love this stuff!

To see the Etsy listing for any of the keys you see in the picture click on the following word:


I'll have more keys coming soon,,,,, more styles, more colors,,, MORE!  EEK!  I just have too much fun finding and using this crap!  :)

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Different Art from Me

Some times you do the same old art over and over and then a friend says,,,, why don't you try making some of these.  And you think,,,, HUH!!!  Sounds like fun AND it's right down my alley.  Not because of the final product, but, because of the parts used and what it takes to make the final product.  In this case, okay!  It's nearly always the same case for me ,,,, that being,,,, how to put part A to part B, while making sure the product is of very good or better quality.

SO!  What the hell am I talking about???

A friend called me earlier this week and said ,,, hey Shell, now that pot is legal in the state of Washington, why don't you make some thing for the "industry" out of your junk. 


I don't smoke pot or do any drugs of any kind and I don't mind if any one else does or does not.  NOT my business.  BUT!  I do know a lot of people who do.  And YES!  They are very good and close friends of mine.

SO!  I thought about it for a couple days.  I played around with a few ideas.  I put together a couple pieces and took them to another friend of mine and said ,,, WELLLLLLLLL?????  What do you think???  He just started laughing and said "OH YEAHHHHHHH".

So!  Here's what happens when you take things like broken arrows, vintage wood finials and kids blocks, some broken plumbing and copper tubing, some pieces of golf clubs and copper wire. etc.

Check out my latest "photo" holders!!!

Broken arrows, bad plumbing become ,,,,

Photo holders.  :)
A is for arrow!

A little closer view.  See the copper tubing?  It's bent and misshaped.  The arrows were thrown out.  Love those garbage finds!!!

What to do with the part of the golf club I cut off when making those BBQ forks.   Now, every single inch of this golf club was used to make some thing.

I bought a bunch of these wood finials several years ago.  In the picture they were all piled together and were gorgeous.  When I opened the box and got to see an individual one ,,,, OOPS!  I was surprised!  Now they are a fun piece of functional art and they are called THE PETER!  Or better yet THE PETER PUFFER.

Another one of those pieces that looked good until you got it home and you're thinking ... WTF???  Now she's sweet and mounted on an old wood drawer pull.

A couple more          golf clubs.
A closer look at the plumbing photo holder.

Sometimes art comes in all shapes, sizes and categories.  This was different for me.  These are on sale at We Do Art and will be on Etsy soon.  If you see some thing you would like here or on any other page of this blog,,, PLEASE,,, let me know.   Nearly every piece is for sale.  If it's still available, we'll make it happen.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell

Friday, February 1, 2013

Check Out These 2 Fabulous Finds!

Two great pieces from two great friends. 


When you do art like I do ...  you have to get really lucky some times to find those one of a kind pieces.  Those pieces that you would never run into, never come across on your own.  BUT!  Thanks to friends who know I love great, odd pieces I wind up with pieces like these 2!

FUN!!!  Think jewelry and maybe a birdhouse!

Can't you just hear the motorcycle purring
down the road?  Thanks Pat!!!

Guitar strings.  Thanks Nancy!!!

I just love stuff like this!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you guess which one will be made into jewelry?  J

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell