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Sunday, February 24, 2013

A New Alley Find Before and After, Coffee Kitty and Bull Riding!

Hi guys!

Look what I found!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Window frame from a house 2 blocks away.

Joy and I walked by this “thing” 2 times and I kept thinking,,, bring it home.  BUT!  Where do you draw the line???  How much “crap” is too much???

I mean!  Just because I find it ,,, it doesn’t mean I have to bring it home! 

Does it???

(insert chuckle!) Why YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Okay,,, nearly every thing.

SO!  Here’s what it looks like now!  Sorry the pictures aren’t better!

Nearly done,,, but I don't like it!!!

Curtain tie backs from 3 old necklaces.

The curtain rod is an old electrical cord from a waffle maker or fry skillet.  Supporting that rod is an electric throw switch.  Then there's red hooks for the tie backs. 


I didn't like the way the curtains were so heavy.  So thick!  So I went into the house to make a cup of coffee and think about what was going to happen when I cut up those wonderful burlap coffee bags.  I opened the cupboard door, got the water boiling for my coffee pour over and I looked up to grab the coffee and here's what I saw!!!

Macsimuskittius Turdiusbirdius is in my cupboard!  EEK! 
Shame shame Mr. Kitty!

He's into every SINGLE thing I own!  Hence his name.


Here's what it looks like after I placed the old license plate where I wanted it, cut the bags down and restrung the tie backs.  Sorry!  Pictures aren't great again.  Must be the light!  tee hee hee!!!

Waiting to be hung on the wall!
Yes!  This cupboard is for sale!!!

Reminds me of fuzzy dice hanging over the rear view mirror in a car!

You can just see the wall mounts I put on the back.

After we dropped this off we went to spend 2 nights in Monroe to watch some cowboys and bulls!  The bulls won ,,, but we had a ball!!!  Thanks Buzz Inn for all your hard work and putting on an affordable and wonderful evening for many, many families!!!

Sorry!  Fuzzy!!! 

I was just accepted into a show coming up in Marysville on Saturday April 13!  It's called Spring Craft and Garden Show and it's at the water tower on State Street.  It runs 10am to 4pm and I'll be the one hiding under my tent trying to stay dry!  :)  I'm bringing Sorticulture style art!  Think garden!!!!!  I'll tell you more as we go!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shelley


  1. I like it as a shelf. You are so creative.

    Funny cat.

    Good luck at your show.

    Been MIA again. Sick again, can't stay well.

  2. April 13 is a date. I'm bringing my lamp post for your magic mind to refurbish. And more corks of course.