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Sunday, February 10, 2013

A New Place to Find Bezels


Do you remember the trophies I tore apart to make wine bottle stoppers out of???  If not, click on this sentence to see them.

I have to tell you what I found when I tore apart those old trophies.


I'm thinking jewelry bezels and RESIN!!!

Let me show you what I did to get these.

First find a trophy or two.

I love the bikes!!!

Next, find a couple tools.   A socket set works easiest, but a simple pair of needle nose pliers will work too!  Which ever one you want to use,,, go for it.

Needle nose pliers and 2 sets of sockets.  The difference in sockets is the bottom set has smaller sockets than the top set.

Now look at the bottom of your trophy.  Nearly every trophy out there looks like this.  Some might have felt over it.  If so, take off the felt first.

The 2 nuts on the bottom are screwed onto the rods that hold up the 2 pieces of this trophy.

This is a 7/16 inch socket.  Place it over the nut and crank.

How to use the needle nose pliers.

Close up.  Squeeze tight, then turn.  Not quite as easy as the socket.  BUT!  Don't go buy a socket set if this is the only thing you would use it for.  It's not necessary.  The pliers work good enough.

These are the parts from the 2 trophies I took apart.

These are the parts I will reuse.

Looks like a bezel to me!!!

On the flat side, put a piece of tape over the hole. 
Then fill with stuff and resin! 


These are going to be fun to use!  It'll be a while before I get to them.  You see I just got accepted into a show in April in Marysville, WA.  I'll be making mostly garden art, but, I'll bring some jewelry and some ????  I won't know until I get to making things.  I'll tell you more as the date gets closer!  Between now and then I'm still making things for the gallery We Do Art here in Everett.  If you get a chance stop by.  It's fun.

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. Replies
    1. I try not to. I will use every single piece you see there while making garden art. I love this stuff! I rarely need to go find parts to put things together because of stuff like this. Have a great week! Shell

  2. have taken apart many trophies in my lifetime...never thought of using that round part as a bezel - thanks for the idea!
    oh...and I have many trophy parts that can be yours for the asking...

  3. :) Oh sure! You just want to clean out your basement! Nice try. UM???? Should I bring a truck???