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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Different Art from Me

Some times you do the same old art over and over and then a friend says,,,, why don't you try making some of these.  And you think,,,, HUH!!!  Sounds like fun AND it's right down my alley.  Not because of the final product, but, because of the parts used and what it takes to make the final product.  In this case, okay!  It's nearly always the same case for me ,,,, that being,,,, how to put part A to part B, while making sure the product is of very good or better quality.

SO!  What the hell am I talking about???

A friend called me earlier this week and said ,,, hey Shell, now that pot is legal in the state of Washington, why don't you make some thing for the "industry" out of your junk. 


I don't smoke pot or do any drugs of any kind and I don't mind if any one else does or does not.  NOT my business.  BUT!  I do know a lot of people who do.  And YES!  They are very good and close friends of mine.

SO!  I thought about it for a couple days.  I played around with a few ideas.  I put together a couple pieces and took them to another friend of mine and said ,,, WELLLLLLLLL?????  What do you think???  He just started laughing and said "OH YEAHHHHHHH".

So!  Here's what happens when you take things like broken arrows, vintage wood finials and kids blocks, some broken plumbing and copper tubing, some pieces of golf clubs and copper wire. etc.

Check out my latest "photo" holders!!!

Broken arrows, bad plumbing become ,,,,

Photo holders.  :)
A is for arrow!

A little closer view.  See the copper tubing?  It's bent and misshaped.  The arrows were thrown out.  Love those garbage finds!!!

What to do with the part of the golf club I cut off when making those BBQ forks.   Now, every single inch of this golf club was used to make some thing.

I bought a bunch of these wood finials several years ago.  In the picture they were all piled together and were gorgeous.  When I opened the box and got to see an individual one ,,,, OOPS!  I was surprised!  Now they are a fun piece of functional art and they are called THE PETER!  Or better yet THE PETER PUFFER.

Another one of those pieces that looked good until you got it home and you're thinking ... WTF???  Now she's sweet and mounted on an old wood drawer pull.

A couple more          golf clubs.
A closer look at the plumbing photo holder.

Sometimes art comes in all shapes, sizes and categories.  This was different for me.  These are on sale at We Do Art and will be on Etsy soon.  If you see some thing you would like here or on any other page of this blog,,, PLEASE,,, let me know.   Nearly every piece is for sale.  If it's still available, we'll make it happen.

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell