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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Look What I Found On The Road!

Hi guys!

Check this out!

I kid you not when I say I'm just drivin' down the road,,, minding my own business when what do my little ol' eyes see???

Why a bed of course!   What kind of bed you ask???  WELL!  EEK!  (insert SQUEAL right here!!!)  I got so stinkin' lucky on this one!!!!  I found a

Don't you love the hearts??? 

Behind it are the springs for the bed and trundle.

This was propped up against a stop sign.  The house on that corner had the back door open.  I walked toward it and a young man stuck his head out.  I asked if it was his and he said no.  I just smiled, said thanks and loaded it into my truck!!! 

It has all the hardware needed to put it together.  BUT!  I believe some one dropped this while moving.  Maybe off a truck???  Then they broke one place on the springs that is very important to the structure of this bed.  YEP!  I can weld it back together.  BUT!  I couldn't let someone have this in case some thing went wrong.  I'd feel terrible if someone got hurt because of some thing that I tried to fix and failed.  SO!  This one is headed for the scrap pile ,,,,  WELL!  Except for these ....


The finials will be used in a garden art piece.  Of course!!!

Hope you like my find!!! 

Have you found any thing lately???  Let me know what you found!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. Noooo! Not the scrap pile! Use the frame in the garden, or if you don't garden then give them to me! LOL! :)


    1. Hi Lynda! I'd love too,,, but! I just got rid of the last one that was in my yard. I like my "crap" to look ancient. This is pretty, fairly new. Just not my style! Where do you live??? Shelley

  2. ok...before you scrap the bed springs, we need to talk...been looking for more bed springs for my art show display...

    1. Any chance you can come over soon??? I'm on my way to the recycle center right now with aluminum. Tomorrow,,, steel! I have this plus 2 box springs, plus one box spring I already sprung! :) One I already cut up quite a bit. This one is really new! I'm still looking for an old nasty one for you. Shell

  3. Replies
    1. Hiiiii! I was until great grandma down the road ran into the back of my truck! POOP! Sweet little tiny thing in a brand new Lexus! OOPS! Oh well! It still hauls stuff. Have a great weekend! Shell