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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wine Tasting, Saturday Feb. 16th

Hi Guys!!!!

If you are in the Everett, WA area this weekend,,, it's time for the Everett Art Walk.  It runs all over Everett and if you click on Everett Art Walk you'll come to a website page with the participating businesses on it!!!!  PLEASE CLICK!!!  :)

I will be at We Do Art for their wine tasting around 5 pm.  YEP!  Just like last month.  ONLY!  I "shouldn't" be late this time.  Last month about 3pm I got a bug, went to the garage, started a project and nearly forgot to go!!!!  I was only 15ish minutes late! Not too bad!  OH!  And, YES, I did get the project done!!!!  :)

I have several new pieces of art and jewelry in there!!!!

Hope to see you there!!!! 

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!!!!  


  1. lol....I forget things all the time....

    Last year...forgot to go to the Western Banquet to pick up my award!