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Friday, March 29, 2013

A Few Bird Houses and How To Pick Them Up

Hi guys!

OH!  Thanks Dana for reminding me.  I just found out I did get accepted into Sorticulture.  For those of you who don't know ,,, Sorticulture is an amazing, energy filled garden art show here in Everett June 7, 8 and 9.  When you say Sorticulture think any thing that can go in a garden.  I like to say sort a horticulture.  Plants, art, tools, etc.  Plus food, wine, beer, lattes, music, speakers and lots of entertainment!

Well!  I goofed off a little with a couple quick and simple bird houses.  These aren't fancy or outrageous.  They're just simple little houses to hold some birds.

Many years ago that was just about all I made.  They were fun, funky and most importantly ,,, they actually attracted birds.  YAY!

These little guys were just a warm up to see if I could remember how to make them.  Right now these are at We Do Art in Everett for just $20 each.  I'll make a few more soon to take to the Marysville Spring Garden and Craft show coming up April 13th.  Those should be bigger, funkier and hopefully they'll draw in some birds too.

SO!  Here's the 5 I made!

Waiting for new home owners.

3 stories tall.  Yes, all 3 are separate rooms.

B is for Bird.

Handle off an old frying pan, a brass tag, a hook  
and a license plate roof.

An old wood door knob, a little hook with a rose
and a license plate roof.

Glass drawer pull, sales sample picture frame corner
and a brass #6.

These were lots of fun to build, but, I can do better.  SOON!

Did you know that most birds don't even use the perch you see on most bird houses?  They just fly straight into their house.  I like to put hooks and stuff on mine so you can hang yarn and stuff on there for the birds to use in their nests.

Now!  If you've ever seen the bird houses I made in the past you would have seen some very old, fragile wood on their roofs at times.  The birds could care less what their house looks like as long as it's the size they want.  Metal isn't their favorite roof as it tends to keep their house too warm, unless you keep that one in a more shady area.  I love to make their houses look old to begin with.  I'll let others make the pretty, brand new ones. 

So, when you come into my booth and promptly pick up a house by it's roof I'm probably going to yell at you!  You see ,, old wood and parts, means be careful!  Here's a couple pictures to show you how to pick up any bird house "correctly". 

First:  Stick your finger inside the hole.

Then: If the roof is fragile lift it straight up.  Or like this little guy, just grab the roof to help you balance it.  You are really holding on to the house by just your finger.

You can pick up a very large and heavy house by just the one hole.  It's about balancing it when you pick it up.  It helps distribute the weight more evenly.  Making it feel lighter than it really is.  HA!  It's an illusion!  Okay!  NOT!  It just feels like it's easier to pick up than it should be.

Did any of that make sense.  If you watch me while I'm setting out my houses, you'll see most of them are picked up by the hole.


Here's a little some thing that I cut out with the plasma cutter Thursday night.  When I did this I couldn't figure out why I couldn't see what I was doing any more.  WELL!  I took off my welding hat to find ,,, it was dark outside.  I had too much fun and forgot to stop cutting.

Tell me what you think,,,, the idea is to rivet the 2 pieces together ,,, but????  Which way should the metal go???  Rusted on both parts????  Or rusted on one side and not too rusted on the other???? 

Ramona ... LET ME KNOW!

Part rust?

All rust?

I was just goofing off and didn't measure these.  I just drew them on the metal quickly, then cut them out.  OOPS!  Not quite right, but too fun to throw out!

Time for a movie, some munchies and juice.  Then off to bed to dream about what to make tomorrow!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. I've been collecting all kinds of what nots and things to make some bird houses with.

    These should sell very easy.