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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hoppy Easter and Polka Dots For Marysville

Hi ya all and Happy Easter!!!

I got a lot done today.  Joy and I even walked nearly a mile and picked up more than a 13 gallon trash bag of smashed cans!  YAY!!! 

I didn't think of this when I did it ,,, but after I downloaded the pictures I realized I made Easter Egg Flowers!

Check out all the goodies I made today for the upcoming Marysville Spring Garden and Craft show Saturday, April 13th.

I'm hoping the rust will come through the
spray paint soon.  CRUSTY!!!

The finials on the polka dot flowers are from the day bed I found on the road a month or so ago.  They sure came in handy!!!

I cut these out free hand, then spray painted them just
to see what would happen.  I LIKE 'EM!!!

Metal roofing, Copper Fluted Plate, Fan Cover, Camping Popcorn Popper, Lamp Part, Electric Engine Part, Rebar.

Side view.  Lots of texture and color!

Close up.

Metal roofing, fan cover, vintage metal flower pot,
vintage flashlight, rebar, sewer snake.

Side view.

Bottle Tree. 

The garden on the north side of my house!  FUN!!!

WOW!  I did get a lot done today.  I need to keep this up. 

What do you think of the polka dot flowers???  I'm thinking of making them so you can hang them on a fence or wall, indoors or outdoors!  HUM ....  !!!!  Could be tons of fun!

Have a great holiday.

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. I really like the flower with the popcorn popper. So neat. Also love the bottle tree.

    The polka dot flowers are really cute. Will fit in with Easter and Spring.