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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Plant Hubcaps ,,, Check This Out Harry!

Hi guys!

First, let me introduce you to Harry and Bella!  They are new friends of mine from across the pond.  AND!  Dear Harry told me to get off my bum and get some thing done today so I could make some lolly ($)!   SO!  These are for you Harry... and Bella too!

I found a picture on Pinterest the other day and had to laugh.  I had just picked up 2 old Ford Hubcaps and I found some strawberry plants in the alley about the same time.  SO!  Here we go!

Let's make these quick planters!

I found these in the alley.

Picked these up at the recycle center.

STEP ONE:  Drilling the holes

Measure around the rim on the inside of your hubcap. 
They all have one of some type and size.

Add 3 holes at equal intervals around the hubcap. 
This one was 27 inches, so each hole is about 9 inches apart.

Add a few drain holes.  I only added 4.

STEP TWO:  Adding the chain.

1) hold onto one end of the chain link, place a screwdriver inside and pry away from the link.
2)  You can see how the link is open, place one end of the link inside the hole on the hubcap.
3)  Use the screwdriver to pull the link back together.  Close the link.
4)  Use some thing like a large wrench or pumps to pull the link closer together.  Makes it neater, cleaner.

You can see in picture one how the links look.  That's close enough.  It does not have to be exact.
In picture 2 you can see what it looks like when it hangs.


I used 12 links on each of the 3 chains. 
Then I used one to hold those 3. 
That one will be used as a hanger.


One link will be the hanger and hold all 3 "legs" of chain together.


Now, fill it with dirt  ... 

          and plants,,,

                                       hang it and voila! 


Looking up from underneath.

That might have been a little confusing,,,   BUT!

Find a hubcap.
Drill holes for the chains.
Drill drain holes in it.
Hang the chain.
Fill with dirt and plants.

These will be at the Marysville Garden Show on April 13th.  Come find me at the park under the water tower!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!



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    1. Thanks Ramona! It was fun, but, not my idea. Shell

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Nothing like looking up her skirt! :) Shell

  3. Hi Shelley, i take back what i said about you getting off your bum and doing some work, im impressed with what you do and the things you make, i like the pictures of your dog and cats.
    Tatty Bye for now,
    Harry and Bella

    1. Thanks Harry! You and Bella can bother me any time you'd like. Many, many days I need some one to get me moving! These were fun. We had a little snow today. WOW! Late for us, but gone within 12 hours! DARN! Hope you are well and warm! Shell