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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Played With Snakes Today!!! EEK!


These wonderful SEWER snakes were given to me by a neighbor.  Don't you love it when people look at some thing they clean out sewer drains with and think of you???  EEK!  I think it's a good thing!!!  OKAY!  In this case I know it is!  J

SO!  What do you do with this giant long "spring"???

Why you make flowers and POOP tails.  Think cat tails made from giant springs that go down a pipe to move the stuck poop out!  EWWWWWW  again!!!!!

Okay,,, so these were fun to build.  This is similar to what I built years ago ,,, just a different take on a flower for your garden made from "crap".  OH!  I never realized before that my craptastic stuff would really be made from ,,, okay ,,, here's a few pictures!!!!

These are sewer drain snakes.  A plumber puts these on a machine, shoves them down the sewer pipe, turns on the machine.  Now the machine turns this around and around while being shoved down the pipe.  It loosens things up so they can flow down the pipe again.

A close up.  I guess you could call these shit disturbers!

I used a portion of one snake to give the stalk of this flower a different texture from my normal rebar.

Close up. 
Shower head, water knob, tin roof sheeting, rebar, sewer snake.

Poop Tails.
At each end of the snake is a connector.  There are 2 different types.  This way you can connect 2 snakes together for a longer length.

Close up.  I know!  It's dirty. 
One week in our rain and it'll be clean!!!

Another flower.   A fancy metal plate, metal roofing, a part off the underside of a car, a motor, sewer snake, rebar.

Close up!  You can't see it very good in the picture, but, the motor is mostly brass and copper.  It will develop a wonderful patina outdoors!

My monsters were missing for a while tonight.  They are best buds and on top of a cabinet in the bathroom!  ON MY CLEAN TOWELS!!!  Juliet, left, is getting big!  Macs is her protector!

By the way ,,, I cut out the metal roofing into flower shapes with a plasma cutter.  No, I didn't clean up the edges.  Yes, they are a little sharp in a few places.  If I cleaned them up they wouldn't have that same look around the edges.  I really like that look.  AND Trust me here ,,, the birds will love this stuff to land on anyway!

OKAY!  These will be at the Marysville Garden show coming up Saturday April 13th!  More pictures of what's coming as I get stuff made!   FINALLY!!!!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. hahaha, laughing at the neighbor thinking of you and those poop disturbers

    love, love, love the picture of the kitties on the clean towels. of course they want to be there where they are not wanted!

    1. HI!!! My neighbor is fun! Those 2 little stinkers are going to be the death of me yet. They are into every single thing I own! EEK! They sure are fun! :) Shell