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Thursday, March 28, 2013

More Garden Art For the Marysville Show

Hi guys!

Just a quick note and some more flowers for the upcoming Marysville Spring Garden and Craft Show on Saturday, April 13th.

You know how some times you're on a roll and don't want to stop.  WELL!  That was me yesterday.  Then I ran out of wire for my little mig welder.  SO!  This morning I went and got some more!  Put it in and CRAP!  The new wire doesn't like my welder.  SO!  By the time 3 hours had gone by and I had one whole piece done!  I finally went inside and called the guys I got the wire from.  I don't normally do this ,,, BUT!  I couldn't stop.  I was furious!  I spent $50 plus and the damn thing killed my welder.  Well, it did.  Kind of.  Okay!  What a whiner I was today.  I'm taking it into the shop tomorrow to see what happened.  What a mood killer!

SO!  Here's all I got done today.  THE WHOLE DAY!  darn!!!!

2 sweet babies!  Notice one does not have a sewer snake on it?

For some reason I keep cutting out 4 petal flowers. 
I really wanted 5 petals on each! 
Oh well!  Still fun!!!!

Metal roofing, a fun bowl that looks like leaves, a car part, an old door knob and rebar.

Metal roofing, the cover from an excavators smoke stack,
the bottom of a vintage metal flower pot, sewer snake and rebar.

These are from last year.  The bottom of one of these pots was rusted out.  SO!  I used it on the flower above!

As you can see I didn't get too far today.  After I came in and barked at the poor guy down at the local welding shop, I ate dinner and then went outside to cut out some more large metal roofing flowers.  Hopefully we'll get the welder up and running again tomorrow.  Around here you have to do these things while the weather is good!

Hope you like them!

By the way,,, which do you like better ,,,  with or without the snake on the flower stalk???  Please let me know!  It all helps!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. Here's my two cents (for what it's worth...probably one cent)! I think the sewer snake looks great, but I still have a little Ick factor over it! The other stem is fun and whimsical, but I love the white and yellow petals because my yard is so colorless over winter - it would be nice to have a pop of color! I can't wait for the Marysville Show!!! I'm ready for Sorticulture, too! Any word if you'll be there yet?

    1. Thanks Dana! I will be at Sorticulture. I just got my okay. YAY! My booth in Marysville will be very small, so I'll have a lot of Sorticulture style stuff, just not too much! I LOVE the ICK factor. That's funny. If you would have seen me cleaning them out,,, YEAH!!! ICK!!! Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it! See you in Marysville. Let me know when you get there. Shell

  2. That's the way things happen to me.

    I like the one with the glass stem mainly because I'm a glass nut.

    I do like the other one a lot too.

    Happy Easter,

    1. Hey you! Thanks!!!! Happy Easter to you too. I was cutting out some thing last night with my plasma cutter it wasn't working and ... well, I thought of you! EEK! It was a good thing. I'll finish it tonight and if I like it,,, I'll drop you a note and get your address to send it to you! Shell

  3. Even if that's all you got done... they are absolutely lovely!
    Michael @ www.recreatedesigncompany.com