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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Little Truck That Couldn't, But Did!

Hi guys!
How's it going???  Are you ready for some spring like weather???  We sure are over here... OH WAIT!  That's all we had for most of this past winter!  The weather here was mild and wet.  YUCK!!!
SO!  Ready to hit the garden?  Ready to do some planting???  I am!
After the last post and planting some hubcaps,,, I thought I'd show you a little truck I found the other day at the recycle center.  It cost me a whopping $1!!!!
Do you ever see those fun, rusted old metal dump trucks and think ,,, Gee!  If it only had a tail gate I could put some plants in it???  HA!  Here's what you do when that happens!!!
Not a real antique, but cute just the same.
No tail gate though!

Find a license plate, an old metal sign or even a plain piece of metal.  This plate matches pretty good,
but it doesn't have to!

Bend that plate until it thinks it wants to fit.
Then cut it so it will!

Keep workin' it!  It'll fit sooner or later!

Not pretty, but it won't show once the flowers take off!
I did put 4 pop rivets in this to hold the plate in place.
You could use nails or screws if you have them.
Just drill a hole and shove one of them through.

I added some wet newspaper as my liner,
then filled it with dirt.

Add your plants and you are done!
These came from out in the woods near my sisters house!

Give this a couple weeks to get healthy again.
Then a month and it'll fill out and be gorgeous!

drip, drip, drip, dr .... etc

If you need any help figuring this out,,, just drop me a note.

Think of all the fun stuff you have around your yard that you could turn into a planter.  If you have one and can't figure out how to make it work,,, drop me a note!  :)

OKAY!  One more to come this week!  I'm out of dirt!  Gotta get the shovel out and see where I can find some more!  WHAT????  Pay for it???  Are you kidding???  No way!  Not me!  Why?  Save your money for some thing much more fun!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell