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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Blue Skyy and a Shiner!

Hi guys!

Here's a few more pics of what's coming to Marysville!

I've been busy with a couple fun pieces.  During those projects I had to bend some rebar.  I do this all the time and this is the 2nd time some one has put the wrong type of steel in my pile!  CRAP!  What does that mean???  It DOESN'T bend!  It breaks.  I haven't found a way yet to tell one type from the other.  This is something I'm going to have to do soon! This time it cost me 8 stitches from the middle of my nose, right between my eyes, then down my cheek bone until the cut was nearly to the other side of my eye.  NOW!  I nearly always wear eye protection.  There are times when it truly isn't necessary.  Bending rebar is one of those times.  With a jig, a little muscle and a lot of leverage rebar bends like butter!  Rebar is easier to bend when it's rusty and I make sure mine is rusty.  I think it's because it has broken down the coating on the top of the steel.  When you bend it,,, you get a lot of rusty dust.  SO!  I usually wear my glasses.  OOPS!  This is one time I'm glad I didn't have them on.  The rebar would have hit the glasses and that would have caused a lot more damage.  This was enough thank you very much!!!   J  (That's an embarrased smile!)  

OKAY!  Picture time! 

Skyy vodka bottles.
Click here for plans to make this - available on Etsy.com.


Copper made into garden architecture for the birds.

Top view of copper "thing".

Another piece, a different color.  SCHWEET!

Close up.  Great color and patina!!!

A perch with a door knob on the end.

I found all that copper at the recycle center.  It cost me a fortune.  BUT!  The plain pieces still cost less there than at the local hardware stores.  The funky pieces are amazing!  These are so fun.  If I had a booth with electricity I would have made both of these into water features!  These will continue to weather and get that great patina the tops have.  These will be gorgeous and definitely one of a kind in a garden!!!

Motorcycle license plates.

I love flowers!!!

On all the flowers that I made with license plates I used a piece of rebar as the stem, then I bent a small piece and welded it to the bottom of each as a step.  YEP!  When you step on it the flower sinks into the ground.  Plus the step adds a little extra balance to hold the flower up.  Right now some of those in my flower beds are trying to fall down.  It has rained so much here my flower beds are nearly mud instead of dirt.  This step keeps them from falling over right away.

SO!  Here's what a broken piece of steel can do to you when it's over your head and you're pulling it down....

The next day!

If nothing else,,, I just say "you should see the other guy!".

These will all be in the upcoming Marysville garden and craft show this Saturday!!!! 

Hope to see you there!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. Oh wow, I'm glad it wasn't worse! And it looks like it could have been.

    Glad you are okay.....you are okay right!

    Love your copper and other pieces.

  2. Ohmygoodness!!!

    My husband has worked with sheet metal for over 35 years. I have heard many a horror story on the accidents that can happen. You are blessed that you weren't killed or maimed!

    Perhaps moving and storing your sheet metal down low would be a good thing?

    1. Hi Lynda. Honestly the rebar is on the ground. BUT! When I bend it I have to put it inside a jig. Then I pull the rebar by the end and it just moves real nice and easy like ,,,, until some worker puts the wrong rebar in the wrong pile. It doesn't bend. It breaks and things happen and I bring it home never aware of their mistake. This could have been much worse. I got real lucky! Thanks so much for your note. I do appreciate it! Shelley

  3. Omigoodness and bless your heart-what a horrible accident! You are so brave to carry on and I love the new pieces! I want a whole bed of the metal flowers-wish I lived closer so I could come to the show. I have been one time to Marysville, years ago, and it was fun! Hubby, I want some of your collection of license plates.....

    1. Thanks so much! You are too kind. Marysville is a nice little town that's growing and growing. If you ever come here again ,,,, let me know! I've been having fun and it's past time to get out there again. Only one more day to build, then time to get ready to go. It rained allllllll night. It's so so this morning. I better hurry up! Thanks so much for your note. Have a great day! Shelley

  4. Hello, I would love to feature a picture of yours on our site, we will give you attribution which would include a link to your site, and I was wondering if you could please send me your email address so I could give you more information.

    Thanks again!

    -Sarah Connolly

    1. Which picture? I would like more information. Thank you. Shelley


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