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Thursday, April 4, 2013

More Spots and How To Make Them

Hi guys!

WELL!  I think I'm reallllllyyyyyy liking making these metal flowers.

I was thinking.  You can make these out of any thing.  From metal to paper and any thing in between.  I'll show you how in a quick tutorial, then have at it!

This is what we'll be making today!

Here's some of the flowers I made.  These can hang from any thing.  BUT!  I think on your fence would be tons of fun!!!

Let's make some of these!!! 

First:  find some thing you'd like to make them out of.  Try paper, soda or beer cans.  The one below is made from a sheet of roofing metal.

I didn't really like this look.  SO!  I took it apart
and started over again.
One thing to think about is: the thicker the metal, the more "advanced" your tools will need to be.  If you are using a soda or beer can you can use nearly any set of scissors or shears you have around the house.  This roofing metal could be cut out with tin snips (been there, done that), but it's extremely tough on your hands.  So, in this case I used a plasma cutter.

Try this first with a soda can or a sheet of metal from a craft shop.

Draw your flower or any design on your metal or paper.  Cut out your piece.

Next:  Find some wire.  For a soda can a thinner, finer gauge wire will work.  For the roofing metal you will need a sturdier gauge.  The larger the flower, the heavier the piece.  Giant pieces need a heavier gauge wire than little flowers.

For paper use string, twine, jute, yarn, etc.

Scrap brass wire.  This wire is very flimsy and coated with plastic.  Not some thing I wanted to use on a wind chime or some place it would show.  This makes it the perfect place: 
BEHIND a piece.

Next:  Find some thing to use to hold the wire.  This will be like the piece behind a picture frame.  Here I used the pull tops off some Coke cans I picked up as scrap.

I love to use what ever I have just laying around.  There is seldom a reason to spend your hard earned money on the "real" product.

Next:  Find a way to anchor what you are using to the back of your flower.  I used rivets because ---  I have them.  You can use screws for metal, or those little brads for paper.  They have some with decorative fronts.  They would be so cute on a paper flower!

See the little hole in the pull tab?  That's where my rivet fits perfectly.  If your screws are too big for that hole, bend that little piece over and use the rest of the hole.  You might need a flat washer if your screw top is too small and will fall through the hole.

Figure out the size of what you are using and drill 2 holes (1 if you are making a small piece).  Add your fasteners and place your wire between the 2 pieces.  The next picture is an example.  Although, you don't need to make the wire this long.  This was my first piece I did and really,,, it's a waste of wire to make it that long.

For larger flowers I added 2 pull tabs and strung the wire between them.  For small flowers I used one pull tab, no wire.  I hung it from a nail on the fence with that top hole.  Worked perfect!

Next:  Color your flowers.  I used a can of spray paint.  EASY!  For paper,,, well!  You can use paint, markers, chalk, decoupage on more papers (my thoughts are all over the place here!) like photos of your family!  The choice is yours.

I just laid the flowers on the ground and started spraying.  OOPS!  Don't forget about the wind and over spray, bugs, grass, dog prints,,, oops!  JOY did it!

Next:  I took an empty Cheerios box and pulled it apart.  Then I cut out quite a few holes of different sizes.  OKAY!  They kind of looked like circles.  I did them free hand and called it close enough.  NOW!  You can do this right and get out some sticky backed paper so you can have pretty, perfect dots.  EHHH!  (That's a buzzer sound ???) Not me!  I'm not into perfect any thing.  You get to chose which you'd like to do.

Once you get your box ready and your flowers are dry from their background color.  Lay the box over the flower and lightly spray with a different color through those holes.  Use more than one color for spots if you'd like.  GO CRAZY!!!  Have fun with this.  If you spray way too much at one time,,, ICK!  You'll have a mess.  I only sprayed mine once and that was more than good enough.

For paper I'd try adding pictures of different things on each one.  Pick a theme and go with it.  Maybe a family tree???  When you are done,,, I'd probably go over it with some thing to give it more strength like decoupage.

Spots, spots and more spots! 

Next:  You will need to add some thing to the middle.  I used several different things, but they came with 2 different sized holes I would need to make.  SO!  Figure out what you would like to use, measure the size of the screw that will go through your flower and DRILL IT! 

For pictures think jewelry parts or buttons???  The heavier the piece, the more likely it will want to fall forward when it hangs.  Try to use some thing lighter

Add your hardware!

I love this cabinet pull.  It was brass, so I spray painted it to match the spots on the flowers.  Can you see where my 2 rivets are?

Here's a little bit closer look at 4 of these!  They're a hoot!  Tons of color for your yard 365 days a year.

Each one the same, just a different look to them.  Sorry, this picture was taken on a cloudy day and this is the north side (shady side) of the fence.

I hope this was easy to figure out.  It's tough to write how to's for me!I hope this was easy to figure out.

cut out your material.
add a hanger.
paint it.
add the middle.

Sounds easier there doesn't it?

I hope you like these!  I sure do.

These will be at the Marysville Spring Garden and Craft show April 13th from 10am to 4pm.

I just heard I'll be on the northeast corner of the park.  Close to the bus stop.  I'll be on the end of the line!  YAY!  THANKS GUYS!

Have a good one and thanks for stopping by!  Shell


  1. Thanks for the instructions. Something like this would be very cute on the side of our shed.

    1. You're welcome. I think you should try some, then send me a picture! ???