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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Shut The Door! Wind chimes!

Junk is perfect for wind chimes.

Hi Guys!!!!

How's it going?  The weather here ,,, SUCKS!!!  The wind is blowing so hard a lot of my heavy metal pieces went flying around the back yard.  THEN.  The rain hit!  OMG!  It's coming down so hard it's creating mini rivers down 2 places in my yard.  EEK! 

As long as the weather gets this out of it's system now and we get no rain this Saturday,,, I'll be realllllly happy!

Here's a couple pictures of some of the wind chimes I'll be bringing to Marysville this Saturday!  The pictures are pretty dark due to the weather.  BUT!  You'll get the idea!

Forks, beads and a sweet little metal hanger.

Old silver tea pot or creamer, beads, crystals,
silver ware handles (I was going to scrap these),
tax token and chain.

Closer shot.

Brass shut arrow, keys, beads, copper wire.

I love odd things like this shut arrow. 
 I found it at the metal recycler.

OKAY!  Back to work.  I get lazy about making things until the last few days. 

More to come!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!  Shell


  1. I love these windchimes! After I get caught up with my sewing and grouting on my mosaics....I need to make a few!!!!

  2. Very creative. You made great pieces of art using very simple resources. I admire your talent. Wish I had it in me too. :)
    - TheBestofChimes.com

    1. Thanks! It's fun to take some thing very simple and useful and make it into some thing different. You have more talent than you think. Give it a try and you'll see, the more you make, the better you'll get! Thanks again! Shelley