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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tin Can Art

Hey there!

First, let me tell you what I did Friday!  I went to Lynden.  That's about 1 1/2 hours north of me and very, very close to the border.  EEK!  I stopped in Bellingham first to a fun bead shop.  YEP!  Scored!  Got a few great pieces. 


I went up to Lynden for BULL RIDING!  What else!!!!  O. M. G.! 
It was so GOOD!!! 

It was the PBR Lucas Oil Touring Team.  What I call the minor league of the PBR (Professional Bull Riders).  Sorry!  They haven't put the results online yet!  BUT!  There are tons of amazing pictures from the event on the Bellingham Herald's website.  They are for sale if you are into these events.  HA!  Or just the cowboys!!!  Check it out! 

The place was packed with people standing up all over the place.  By the time the finals were going the place was screaming loud and rockin'!  What a great time for all!!!  Thanks for coming up guys!  Hope you come back again.

Saturday I spent the day at a friends house along with a couple other ladies and we tackled some tin cans!  What to do with them???  Who knew?  OH !  Wait!  That would be Amy Duncan.  She's good at any type of art.  Here!  She did great!  We started with empty, CLEAN, cans and made the cans fun and usable!  I'll let Amy put it on her blog.  After all ,,, it was her party, her goodies.  We got to take home our cans when we were done. 

It's fun to hang out with people who bring good energy.  People who enjoy learning some thing new.  OR!  People who just want to hang out and chat.  As always there was food, drinks and a gorgeous dog named Calvin!  He's such a babe.

WELL!  Here's what I brought home!

Do you remember the heart and arrow
I cut out with the plasma cutter???

I riveted the heart and arrow onto the front of the can.

I added plumbers tape as a handle and wired it on with copper.  The butterfly is a bead I just bought in Bellingham.

For this bucket I stated out with fabric with flowers on it.  I cut out the flower and decoupaged it on.  Then added plasma cut out flowers and a bottle cap!

I stamped on the words FLOWER POT.

What a fun flower!

Check out the handle.  Can't remember where I found it. 
BUT!  I think it was a pendulum
in an old clock or a motor.

This is what the buckets were hanging off of. 
What is it you ask???

A project for Sorticulture!

Next I think I'm working on a flower planter made from a 1951 Ford Pickup bench seat!   Sounds like fun to me!  Watch for it soon.  WELL!  That's if it's not pouring down rain all week ... AGAIN!!!

Sorry!  I'm tired of the rain this year.  It's been a wet one!

Thanks for stopping by and have a good one!


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    1. I scored that day at the recycle center. I'm thinking it needs a giant truck tail light at the top! IF I can find one! ttyl